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Calling all single Londoners!
Why cook alone when you can do that with other singles in a fun and exciting way?! We have teamed up with the amazing chef Marie from L`atelier des Chefs to bring you all the best cooking tricks and show some magic while you are staying at home. Discover new recipes and make a delicious meal from the products that you have in your fridge. After cooking, enjoy your meal, pour a glass of wine and have a dinner date with other singles!

What will we cook: Filipino chicken adobo with rice and soft boiled eggs
You'll need:
1x chicken breast fillet or 2x thighs (deboned) - (for veggie option use tofu or mushrooms)
1 red pepper
1x onion
2x cloves garlic
1x egg
Soy sauce
Rice vinegar (white wine vinegar + 1 tbsp sugar works too)
1/2 cup rice (basmati or jasmine works)
salt, pepper, vegetable oil

How it works?
Whilst you can’t attend any of our events in person, we have had our teams work flat out to create a new virtual events destination. This works in exactly the same way as an event would work at a venue.

Before the event, you will receive an email from our team with all the instructions on how to join for the event. At the appointed time, you turn up at the online event, where you are immediately greeted by one of our helpful hosts and cooking chef Marie. The chef will select what to cook based on the ingredients that you have at home, show you some cooking magic and assist with any questions. There is no formal dating at this event, but our host will be on hand to ensure everyone gets chatting. You can keep in touch with other attendees through our site for free.

Please advise us about any dietary requirements so we can make sure everyone is looked after.

Book now, places are limited!


Virtual Speed Dating evening

Registration opens
Cooking session starts
Post-cooking socialising
19:40 approx

The venue

It's completely online. Just make sure you have a good internet connection. Pour yourself a glass of wine, take your phone/laptop and join us for Virtual Speed Dating. Get ready to meet other singles without leaving your home and experience something new. We will keep you entertained...

Travel information

  • The most efficient host. Very professional
  • It was a good event. My first time on speeddating enjoyed it.
  • I would like to have more than 5 minutes.
  • Meg was great, good food and a random thing to do during lockdown
  • Great fun! All of us ended up staying longer in the room and chatted away, it was like sitting at a virtual bar =)
  • Lots of fun. Great banter. Don't think anyone I met was particularly my type but hey, it was a good night. I think given the circumstances the conversations could have been a bit longer since we're not going anywhere. But yeah, smashing.
  • I think I prefer the online version
  • Thanks! It was fun :)
  • Fantastic, prompt date rotation.
  • really well loved it :)
  • Thank you so much for setting that up. I enjoyed it! Maybe it’s the way forward? Every cloud has a silver lining.
  • This is a good idea, just will work more once things settle down as everyone is a bit glued to the news at the minute.
  • This is hilarious! If you get the interest this will be really good! I like this idea! You are probably onto a winner! But it needs to be advertised. Once people know about it I think it will really take off!
  • Nice to try. New experience. It was good I didn’t have to leave the house!
  • It was something different and I enjoyed it. Thank you for setting this up for us.
  • Excellent
  • Well organised and good use of technology to create a virtual event.
  • The event was fun although there are some difficulties with using Zoom for the event, especially when some attendees had to leave partway through the event.
  • Hopefully as more men sign up it will be better, it was a shame that those that had done didn't attend - we would then have had 7 men to 10 women which would have been much better. I felt far more comfortable doing this online, and also didn't feel the need to invite a friend so would definitely recommend it to others.
  • wish it a little longer, i am a slow conversation starter, so :)

Virtual Cooking Class

Saturday, 18:45
Age group
Women places:
Men places:
London, Online SpeedDater Bar
Current price:
Unfortunately all tickets have been sold out
Please choose another event or click here to add your name to our waiting list in case someone cancels.
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