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Are you looking to meet someone who has a love for dogs, the same as you? Well, we have got the PAWFECT event just for you, virtual date with a dog! You never know, you could find someone that you are mutts about!

Get ready to date your tail off with the furry friend (or wing-man) by your side. You will have up to 10 ‘furst dates’ in one-night with potential matches who love dogs just as much. There are very limited spaces for this special event so we suggest you book soon!

How it works?
We’ve created a special virtual events destination to bring singles together for an interesting evening with the like-minded. This works in exactly the same way as an event would work at a venue.
Before the event, you will receive an email from our team with all the instructions on how to join speed dating. At the appointed time, you turn up at the online event, where you are immediately greeted by one of our helpful hosts. The host will then run the event the same as it would be run in a venue. You will have a number of one-to-one dates, which you can do using video or audio. You will then be moved from table to table until you get an opportunity to meet everyone.
And don't worry if the event in your city attracts an insufficient number of guests! The system will automatically redirect you to our other virtual bar, where like-minded people from all over the UK gather. Therefore, the chances of meeting your potential romance will be even higher!

And after the event?
Simply log in with your username and password on our website and click the 'matches' tab. Once you have entered your ticks to event attendances you will see if you match with anyone. Remember it's FREE to send/read messages to/from all the guests you have met at the event through our secure website. All our events are guaranteed! What a great way to meet new people in a safe and virus-free environment!

The Venue
It's completely online. Just make sure you have a good internet connection. Take your phone/laptop and join us for Virtual Speed Dating. Get ready to meet other singles without leaving your home and experience something new. We will keep you entertained...


Virtual Speed Dating evening

Registration opens
Speed Dating intro
Speed Dating Begins
Post Speed Dating Communication
20:30 approx
Speed Dating Ends
20:40 approx

The venue

It's all online. Just make sure you have a good internet connection. Pour yourself a glass of wine, take your phone/laptop and don`t forget to bring your dog (it's optional but we would love to see it) and join us for our Virtual Date with a Dog night. Get ready to meet other singles & their dogs without leaving your home and experience something new. We will keep you entertained…

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Virtual Date with a Dog

Friday, 19:00
Age group
Women places:
Men places:
London, Dog Lovers Online Bar
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