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Calling all bisexual singles! Join us for a great night of virtual dating where you will have an opportunity to meet other like minded bisexuals.

While we can't meet people in real life due to the pandemic having this online platform gives you the opportunity to develop relationships virtually.

Instead of having this speed dating event in person, SpeedDater will come to you from the comfort of your own home! All you will need is a laptop and access to the internet. You will then have to login to our virtual event. You will be greeted by your friendly host when you enter. In this safe environment, you will spend the evening with like-minded singles.

How it works?
Before the event, you will receive an email from our team with all the instructions on how to join speed dating. At the appointed time, you turn up at the online event (on zoom), where you are immediately greeted by one of our helpful hosts. The host will then run the event. You will be given a badge number and then you will be put into separate “rooms” so that you can talk on-one-on with someone. After 5 minutes you will then be moved into another “room” until you have met everyone at the event. You will have a number of one-to-one dates, which you can do using video or audio.

And after the event?
Simply log in with your username and password on our website and click the 'matches' tab. Once you have entered your ticks to event attendances you will see if you match with anyone. Remember it's FREE to send/read messages to/from all the guests you have met at the event through our secure website. All our events are guaranteed! As many of you will be at home, self isolating and possibly a bit bored, why not use this opportunity to meet people in a safe and virus-free environment?


Bisexual Speed Dating

Registration opens
Speed Dating intro
Speed Dating Begins
Post Speed Dating Communication
20:30 approx

The venue

It's completely online. Just make sure you have a good internet connection. Pour yourself a glass of wine, take your phone/laptop and join us for Virtual Speed Dating. Get ready to meet other singles without leaving your home and experience something new. We will keep you entertained...

Travel information

Meet your host Mathew
  • Great fun - thank you!
  • Good fun. Perfect after 3 months of lockdown.
  • The most efficient host. Very professional
  • It was a good event. My first time on speeddating enjoyed it.
  • I would like to have more than 5 minutes.
  • Awesome
  • Great
  • Meg was great, good food and a random thing to do during lockdown
  • Was fun
  • Lots of fun, great mix of people and well attended.
  • Great fun! All of us ended up staying longer in the room and chatted away, it was like sitting at a virtual bar =)
  • Lots of fun. Great banter. Don't think anyone I met was particularly my type but hey, it was a good night. I think given the circumstances the conversations could have been a bit longer since we're not going anywhere. But yeah, smashing.
  • Great host, thanks Steve
  • The host Steve was very professional and interacted very well with all the participants. Please let customer services know he should be hosting more events. Please pass on my thanks to Steve for a nice evening. Kind regards Rosie
  • I think I prefer the online version
  • Thanks! It was fun :)
  • Kasia was an amazing host; friendly and efficient
  • Fantastic, prompt date rotation.
  • really well loved it :)
  • Thank you so much for setting that up. I enjoyed it! Maybe it’s the way forward? Every cloud has a silver lining.
  • Was good to meet new people
  • This is a good idea, just will work more once things settle down as everyone is a bit glued to the news at the minute.
  • This is hilarious! If you get the interest this will be really good! I like this idea! You are probably onto a winner! But it needs to be advertised. Once people know about it I think it will really take off!
  • Nice to try. New experience. It was good I didn’t have to leave the house!
  • nothing to say really had fun
  • It was something different and I enjoyed it. Thank you for setting this up for us.
  • Loved the quiz!
  • I had a lot of fun
  • well organized by the host
  • Excellent
  • Steve is a great host.. attention to detail, and really putting an effort into making sure all participants are included and comfortable. The inclusion of music throughout, and games at the end is a great touch. Well done mate :-)
  • Was fun, shame for the ladies that there wasn't many men. Had I known that, I would have asked a couple of my single friends to join in.
  • Excellent host (Claire)
  • I felt like it became way too chatty on the general room - its a balance.
  • Emailing links was a bit random. Host was excellent. This was my first event and it was a fun evening.
  • My first event so I have nothing to compare it to. I enjoyed it.
  • Well organised and good use of technology to create a virtual event.
  • The event was fun although there are some difficulties with using Zoom for the event, especially when some attendees had to leave partway through the event.
  • Hopefully as more men sign up it will be better, it was a shame that those that had done didn't attend - we would then have had 7 men to 10 women which would have been much better. I felt far more comfortable doing this online, and also didn't feel the need to invite a friend so would definitely recommend it to others.
  • Was fun, something different. I didnt know that we would show video post the event, but it was okay
  • The host was excellent, an additional minute for each date would be great
  • Huge thank you to Claire for pulling out an amazing dating event! It's my first time, scary as it's online too, but Clarie made it so easy. Good event, but unfortunately no match for me.
  • Claire was a fun host, making everyone feel comfortable and happy :-)
  • Claire was a great host . It was a pleasant evening , without the hassle of a late night tube home . More please !
  • Yes it was well organised and host Steve kept the talk flowing
  • wish it a little longer, i am a slow conversation starter, so :)

Bisexual Speed Dating

Tuesday, 18:45
Age group
Women places:
Men places:
London, Online SpeedDater Bar
Current price:
Unfortunately all tickets have been sold out
Please choose another event or click here to add your name to our waiting list in case someone cancels.
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