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Calling all quiz lovers! Join us to play an interesting and fun filled quiz with other like-minded singles while you stay safe at home! Score more points by answering questions faster than others and win great prizes. The night will be hosted by one of the best quiz masters!

On arrival the quiz master will register all participants and give all the game instructions. The quiz will be on topics such as current affairs, sports, history and general knowledge.

As with all our activity events there is no one-on-one dating, however you will have plenty of time to chat amongst other participants and get to know each other during the quiz rounds and after the game.

The quiz master will be on hand to make sure the evening runs smoothly and to ensure you get a chance to talk to everyone attending the event. The ticket price includes all the quiz activities and post-game socialising. You will also be able to keep in touch after the event through the website.


Quiz Night

Registration opens
Quiz starts
Post-quiz socialising
20:00 approx

The venue

It's completely online. Just make sure you have a good internet connection. Pour yourself a glass of wine, take your phone/laptop and join us for Virtual Speed Dating. Get ready to meet other singles without leaving your home and experience something new. We will keep you entertained...

Travel information

  • Great fun - thank you!
  • Good fun. Perfect after 3 months of lockdown.
  • The most efficient host. Very professional
  • It was a good event. My first time on speeddating enjoyed it.
  • I would like to have more than 5 minutes.
  • Awesome
  • Great
  • Meg was great, good food and a random thing to do during lockdown
  • Was fun
  • well organized
  • Lots of fun, great mix of people and well attended.
  • Yes all good!
  • Great fun! All of us ended up staying longer in the room and chatted away, it was like sitting at a virtual bar =)
  • Very good and great fun
  • Lots of fun. Great banter. Don't think anyone I met was particularly my type but hey, it was a good night. I think given the circumstances the conversations could have been a bit longer since we're not going anywhere. But yeah, smashing.
  • Great host, thanks Steve
  • The host Steve was very professional and interacted very well with all the participants. Please let customer services know he should be hosting more events. Please pass on my thanks to Steve for a nice evening. Kind regards Rosie
  • I think I prefer the online version
  • Thanks! It was fun :)
  • It was better than I thought, even though I only had an abstract idea. Steve was a great organiser too!
  • Kasia was an amazing host; friendly and efficient
  • Fantastic, prompt date rotation.
  • Went smoothly
  • Excellent, fun-filled evening with some great company
  • really well loved it :)
  • Thank you so much for setting that up. I enjoyed it! Maybe it’s the way forward? Every cloud has a silver lining.
  • Was good to meet new people
  • This is a good idea, just will work more once things settle down as everyone is a bit glued to the news at the minute.
  • This is hilarious! If you get the interest this will be really good! I like this idea! You are probably onto a winner! But it needs to be advertised. Once people know about it I think it will really take off!
  • Nice to try. New experience. It was good I didn’t have to leave the house!
  • nothing to say really had fun
  • It was something different and I enjoyed it. Thank you for setting this up for us.
  • Loved the quiz!
  • Loved it! Such nice lovely dates :)
  • I had a lot of fun
  • I had fun so much i was paired up with myself in the last virtual date ha ha ha Lol!
  • well organized by the host
  • Excellent
  • Steve is a great host.. attention to detail, and really putting an effort into making sure all participants are included and comfortable. The inclusion of music throughout, and games at the end is a great touch. Well done mate :-)
  • Didn't see a 'time nearly out' message before we were pulled out of one of the speed dates, which would have been handy 30 secs beforehand or so.
  • Was fun, shame for the ladies that there wasn't many men. Had I known that, I would have asked a couple of my single friends to join in.
  • Excellent host (Claire)
  • I felt like it became way too chatty on the general room - its a balance.
  • Emailing links was a bit random. Host was excellent. This was my first event and it was a fun evening.
  • Host was good, only a few dates though
  • My first event so I have nothing to compare it to. I enjoyed it.
  • Claire is a gem
  • Well organised and good use of technology to create a virtual event.
  • Host did really well considering the IT was failing left , right & centre all around her. Hope she got her much needed glass of wine , post event .
  • The event was fun although there are some difficulties with using Zoom for the event, especially when some attendees had to leave partway through the event.
  • Great event but needs more people
  • Steve was a great host and the event was good apart from the technical issues.
  • Hopefully as more men sign up it will be better, it was a shame that those that had done didn't attend - we would then have had 7 men to 10 women which would have been much better. I felt far more comfortable doing this online, and also didn't feel the need to invite a friend so would definitely recommend it to others.
  • Was ok
  • Was fun, something different. I didnt know that we would show video post the event, but it was okay
  • It was well organised, but the registration/ice breaker part at the beginning could have been more chatty and welcoming. Overall I enjoyed it
  • Enjoyed it. Very well run.
  • The host was excellent, an additional minute for each date would be great
  • Huge thank you to Claire for pulling out an amazing dating event! It's my first time, scary as it's online too, but Clarie made it so easy. Good event, but unfortunately no match for me.
  • Claire was a fun host, making everyone feel comfortable and happy :-)
  • Claire was a great host . It was a pleasant evening , without the hassle of a late night tube home . More please !
  • Yes it was well organised and host Steve kept the talk flowing
  • It was a really fun evening!
  • Great fun and lovely group, thank you I kept going off line and it would have been nice to chat with the girls while we were waiting
  • Mat was a great host, I think we were all a bit nervous at first but he made it really fun and relaxed.
  • Steve was great, he's a host worth going to another event for, it's a shame he's not available to tick. The only reason this isn't 5 stars is because there were some technical teething issues beyond Steve's control. And I think that given the techology factor perhaps it might be worth giving every a little extra time as there were a few times when the lag meant we ran out of time without being able to really know if this is someone worth 'ticking'
  • lots of time spent waiting around for people to join late. I would appreciate a more timely run event.
  • Event was good but once again after saying women were sold out there were still 2 more men than women on the night, odd but I know this is not the fault of speed dater.

Virtual Quiz Night

Tuesday, 19:15
Age group
Women places:
Men places:
London, Online SpeedDater Bar
Current price:

or call 0131 608 0066 (Local call charge. Please note a £1 booking fee applies for telephone bookings)

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