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As restrictions continue and we still can't lead our usual way of life, here at SpeedDater we have found a way to get the virtual party started! We will help you to have fun right now and get a taste of the past life, going to pubs, attending massive parties and meeting new people that all of us are so craving at the moment.
Join us for our fantastic virtual party with cool matching games, speed dating sessions and unlimited communication with like-minded singles in a friendly and safe atmosphere.

Cool Ice-breaking Games
To get the party started, we have prepared a new game for you, which will break the thickest of ice, get you mingling and warm you up.

Fun Filled Quiz & Speed Dating
At the same time, our guru quiz-master will be waiting for everyone to compete in the championship in an interesting and fun filled quiz. Score more points by answering questions faster than others and win great prizes. Here you will feel the excitement of the game and meet like-minded singles whom you can get to know more closely at one-to-one dates in the same evening. After all, we know for sure that nothing brings together so much as common interests!
In addition to a series of speed dating sessions, you will have unlimited communication with like-minded singles in the main party room throughout the evening.

And after the event?
Simply log in with your username and password on our website. The day after the event you'll be able to view profiles and send messages to other guests. Remember it's FREE to send/read messages to/from all the persons you have met at the event through our secure website.



Party opens and matching ice-breakers begin
Quiz and speed dating sessions start
Quiz and Speed dating sessions come to an end, but it's not over yet!
Online SpeedDater Bar stops serving

The venue

Transform any room in your house into a popping party venue, dress up in your favorite clothes, pour yourself a glass of wine and, with just the touch of a button, plunge into the festive atmosphere of our virtual dating night. In the future, you may even argue that this is better than leaving home!

Travel information

Meet your host Claire
A country girl at heart, I moved up to Oxford 5 years ago. By day, I work for an Escape Game Company, and am Head of Corporate Sales for the UK - this means that I do run around quite often with umpteen pairs of handcuffs and wands! When i'm not doing that, i'm usually out getting into some form of activity or social thing - hence being a host!
Meet your host Steve
I'm an Aussie who always wanted to live in a huge city and so here I am currently living out that dream in London!! I am always looking for fun and sadly missing the sun..
  • It was great fun and a better format than the the other one-on-one event.
  • This is the best event I have been to so far - really fun and well coordinated. Loved having the group chat time before and after to allow people to mingle with everyone, rather than 121s only. DJ and background music was great and really adds to the atmosphere :) Could really do with an age bracket though to make it more appropriate for younger/older attendees. There were a few people who joined that weren't from London..but good to talk to new people - especially at the moment!
  • Nice to meet people. Only had three speeddates & they were a bit too quick! The female host was v friendly & nice, but did tend to dominate the conversation - would be nicer to let the chat flow amongst participants more & just guide it a bit when needed! With most attendees in their 30's slightly more cerebral topics could allow us to get to know each other better (without getting uber serious!) Dj Anya great, but a bit quieter would work better (or designated set times) as couldn't quite hear chat over mu

Virtual Singles Party

Saturday, 20:00
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London, Online Party House
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