What is 'activity'?

In the activity section, you can see who has been checking out your details. You might want to mail them back if you like the look of them. A red asterisk indicates the last activity between you and the other person.

Can I change my screenname?

Yes, just contact admin@speeddater.co.uk and provide us with the screenname you wish to change it to. We will check to see if it is available and not already in use. We will then change the screenname for you.

Can I control the mail that SpeedDater sends to me?

Yes. You can select the mails that you receive form SpeedDater.
To update your Email settings:
1. Click on the "My Account" link (icon top right).
2. Scroll down to 'Email alert options'.
3. Turn off/on several different types of email services and press "update email settings" button.

Can I put up pictures that only my friends can see?

You can post up to 10 pictures with SpeedDater. The first one cannot be flagged for friends only, and should be a picture of you. Pictures 2-10 can be flagged for friends only - you choose who you list as a friend. You need to upload your picture first, then select "for friends only" so that the words "for friends only" appears under the heading for that picture.

Can I send attachments?

No, we do not allow attachments.

Can I send mail to an external email address?

No, you can only send mail to other members of SpeedDater, using their screenname. If you try to send mail to an external email address it will simply disappear!

Does your account have the wrong gender status?

Members are not allowed to change gender status by themselves. If you have a compelling reason to change your gender status (like you made a mistake when registering), please contact us.

How can I find members who live near me?

Make sure you have filled in your own postcode on the basic profile screen. This is never displayed to any members, but is used to 'power' our location tool. Then in search you will be able to look for other people who live within 10, 25, 50 or a hundred miles of you. Also you can use our Postcode search. Remember, if they haven't put in their own postcode, we can't tell where they live so you won't be able to find them!

How can I see who is chatting with me?

You can look at the profile of anyone who is chatting with you by clicking on the photo to browse their profile.

How can I stop someone chatting with me?

If you do not want to chat to an individual for any reason, you can block that person for as long as you want. You will then be invisible to them. To block someone, simply go to their profile and click on the "Block" button. To check who you have blocked go to "View my profile" and "Blocked". You can see a list of who is blocked and can "unblock" them.

How can I update my location?

To update your location:
1. Click on the "My Account" link (icon top right).
2. Click on "My Profile" then click "Edit" under "Main Info"
3. Enter your new location and press on the "update" button.

How do I change my email address?

Under our terms and conditions, you must provide us with a valid email address in order to use SpeedDater.
To change your email address:
1. Click on the "My Account" link (icon top right).
2. Scroll down to "General settings"
3. Click on your current email address shown here, enter your new one in the box and click "Update".
Once you have changed your email address, it must be verified. We do this by sending a new password to the new email address you entered. Once you have logged in using the new password, you will regain full access to the site.

How do I change my password?

In order to change your password:
1. Click on the "My Account" link (icon top right).
2. Scroll down to "General settings" and click on the password drop down. You will be asked to enter your current password followed by your new one. Then click "Update".

How do I change my pictures?

You can change your pictures at any time by simply uploading new ones. At the moment this service is free, but we do process all pictures manually, so please do not treat the site as a free photo-album! If too many members change their pictures as the site grows we may introduce a charge, or allow pictures to be changed once per renewal. Once you have updated new pictures please make sure you clear your computer's cache. Otherwise, you may find that your old photographs are displayed...even though the rest of the members are seeing the new pictures you have loaded. This can be done by clicking Ctrl R then Ctrl F5. It normally takes about a day to process your pictures. We will mail you to let you know that we have received them and then again once they are loaded.

How do I remove my pictures?

If for some reason you want to remove your pictures simply replace them in "my profile" in "my account" section (icon top right).

How do I send mail to someone?

Our mail service is completely confidential and discreet. You simply click on the member's 'mail' link from search results or from the full profile of the person you want to contact and then write and send! Once you have sent your mail, a copy will be put in your 'sent mail' folder, so that you can see who you have written to.

How do I upload a digital picture to my profile?

We accept all the following file formats: jpeg, gif, tiff , bmp and others. We accept a maximum of 8MB per photo and a maximum of 10 photos in your profile. We check every picture before it is published and will not post pictures of children or pictures of clipart or screensavers. Click here to upload your picture today!
If the photo did not appear on your profile at once, don't click the "Add" button more than once. The delay may be caused by the large size of the image being uploaded. A low connection speed may also result in a delay.

How long does it take to have my profile/picture(s) approved?

Usually 15-20 minutes is enough to approve your photo. Our approval team works 24 hours a day to ensure that you don't need to wait and lose the potential contacts.

How many people can I add to 'My Friends'?

You can add as many people as you want to your friends list. Just click on the 'Add to friends' button on their profile to add them to your list of friends. If you haven't made any friends yet, go to 'Search Members' and find a friend!

I have sent mail and not had any reply.

We cannot control whether another member writes back to you or not. We do hope that all our members are polite enough to say 'thanks but no thanks' if they are not interested.

I'm being asked for a nickname. What is this for?

It is your nickname that you would like others to know you by.

I'm having trouble uploading a photograph?

Click 'My Account' (icon top right) then click the 'My Profile' button. Click the 'upload' button and browse on your computer to find where the photograph is stored and click 'upload'. The photograph must be in jpeg format and the file name must end with .jpg. If you have trouble uploading or you have a picture in a different format (eg word documents, bmp, tiff etc) you can email your pictures to admin@speeddater.co.uk and we will upload them for you.

I've filled in a profile but when I do a search I can't seem to find myself on the site?

When you are logged in on your own profile you cannot see yourself in the search results. Only other members can see your profile from the list

What do I do if I forgot my password or screenname?

Simple, click "forgotten your password" on our homepage. We will send your login and password to your email account.

What if it says my password is incorrect?

If the system does not accept your password, your account must have been blocked.
Possible reasons for that are:
1. You emailed Customer Service and asked for profile removal.
2. Some of our customers complained about your activity.
Please contact admin@speeddater.co.uk to resolve the issue if none of these situations describe your problem.

What is "Video chat"?

The new and improved video chat is now available to all full members who want to see and hear others who are online now. There is no better way to go on an online date than to get up close and personal with live video and audio. To chat with somebody using the audio/video feature it is best that both of you have a webcam, although one way video is possible.

What is chatting?

Chatting is one of the easiest ways to get to know anyone else who is online. Simply click on the "chat" link from search or from their profile and you can send them an instant message.

What is the "tinkerbell" noise?

There is a sound alert for a chat. You can switch it off using your computer's own sound settings i.e. turn the volume down on your computer.

Why do I get no results when I use search?

Search is based on what people enter into their own profiles. So, if you select a lot of criteria, you will only get results from people who have filled in all that information. So you may need to leave some sections completely blank... if something is not important to you, don't tick any boxes in that section at all - that way you will find people who simply haven't filled in that part of their profile yet.You can change the settings as much as you want. The best way to set up the right criteria for you is to start by only including the things that are absolutely essential... then add 'nice to haves' until you get a list of members who are about right for you!

Why don't my chats arrive immediately?

Sometimes when the site is really busy there can be a short delay between chat messages. This is rarely more than a few seconds.

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