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Speed dating is a great way to meet new people and best of all.. IT WORKS! Around 80% of our guests get at least 1 match and we just love receiving reviews and success stories from our members. Always the highlight of a busy week!

See a selection of success stories below which members have chosen to share with us. We hope their stories inspire you to get involved, or perhaps you have your own SpeedDater success story to share? If so we'd LOVE to hear from you! Just email svetlana@speeddater.co.uk and if you include images we'll even send you a bottle of bubbly to say thanks!

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Dear Sir/Madam

Having met my partner at one of your events in On Anon in Central London three and a half years ago, I am writing to let you know we have recently got married.




In January 2006 I met CJ (Screen name Marathon Man) on the chatrooms on Speeddater. My screen name was Brighton Babe!

We chatted and emailed for a bit. At the time I lived in Brighton and he lived in London. After a year of seeing eachother and having weekends in London and Brighton we decided to move in together.

At xmas 2007 we went on holiday to barbados. We went on a new years eve party on a ship!
CJ disapeared for a while. Then the song from my favourite film An Officer and a Gentleman came on you know " Love lifts us up where we belong! then cj walks accross the ship dressed in full naval officers uniform (Richard Gere style) and proposed!

2 years later we returned to barbados and got married on the beach 20 December 2009.

I think speedater is a great website for meeting people! and am grateful as I found my Richard Gere!

Here is the link to our u tube vidoe of the engagement night. I have also attached a photo from the engagement night and a couple of wedding photos!

Chris, Reading

Back in June 2015 I attended a SpeedDater event in Reading with 2 friends. It was the first time I'd ever done anything like that and I wasn't exactly convinced I'd meet someone. When we walked into the venue I saw this beautiful woman nervously smiling and talking to someone and thought "oh wow, she is definitely someone I'd want to approach in a bar but never have the guts to".

But unlike a night in a bar, speed dating requires you to talk to everyone! So the whole night (which was expertly run by a guy called Colin) becomes about my date with this girl which takes place after the break. I decide that she's never going to tick me anyway so I might as well be completely myself, I ask her what her favourite cheese is and we go from there. The next day I'm shocked and excited to see she has ticked me, I'm even more surprised and thrilled when we meet up and gradually after more and more dates the surprise begins to disappear, because it is clear that we are a great match. The excitement that comes with seeing her though has never disappeared. It was definitely there this weekend when I asked her to marry me and she said yes.

I'm writing this because taking a risk and going to a SpeedDater event changed everything. It led me to the person I am going to marry. I don't know if Colin still runs the event in Reading and will see this or if anyone reading it had any involvement with arranging events in 2015 but on the off chance, just in case; thank you.

P.S. Reading that back it reads like something out of a dodgy romantic novel! But everything I've written is true so I'm going to send it anyway!


My name is Eimear and I just wanted to drop you an email to say thanks for your work in setting up your speeddating events and tell you my success story!

My work colleagues decided to have an alternative work night out in July 2008 and decided on wine tasting followed by your speed dating event. I was hesitant about going at first but was eventually convinced by my fun single work colleagues. We settled on Thursday 24 July 2008 in the Sin bar, Dublin and were very giddy going in. It turned out to be a great night and we stayed on for a few drinks after chatting to some of the guys that were there. One of the guys who turned up to the speed dating caught my attention straight away (Ralph) and unfortunately by the time he got to my table he had to pee so a minute of our time was gone by the time he came back but I got as much information as possible from him in the limited time :)
The excitement continued the next day logging on to the site to tick who we liked the evening before and I obviously ticked Ralph. I was delighted when he ticked me back and then emailed asking for my number. We arranged to meet the following weekend when we met for drinks (and had our first kiss) and then arranged to meet for a walk in Dun Laoghaire on the bank holiday Monday. After that we were inseparable and we moved in together in April 2009. Things went from strength to strength when we bought a house together in November 2012 and then got a dog in March 2013. In February this year, we went for a weekend away to Munich and Ralph gave me a gift of a book on making wishes. When I opened the book I noticed the middle part of all the pages were missing and finally saw there was a ring tucked into the pages. The next thing Ralph was down on one knee and asked me to marry him. We are getting married on 1 April next year :) A huge thank you from Ralph and I for bringing us together for our happily ever after!

Best wishes,
Eimear & Ralph

Shelly, London

In early 2011 my friend wanted to go to a speed dating event, so I agreed to go along for moral support. It was my first experience of speed dating, and I was a bit nervous at first, but I relaxed once it got started. We met two Irish guys during the event, and the four of us went out for some drinks afterwards. We all got along well (“good craic” as the guys would say) so at the end of the night I gave my number to one of the guys, but I missed a digit (I blame his ancient phone!). The next day he got in touch with me through the SpeedDater website, and a couple of weeks later he asked when me and my friend were free to catch up. She said it was an excuse to get a date with me, so I agreed to meet him for a drink at a pub in Covent Garden. I wasn’t sure whether I fancied him, but thought there was no harm in going for a drink. I think he was a bit nervous initially (the one and only time I’ve seen him nervous!) and rambled on about skiing, but after a while he relaxed and I started to have a good time. By the end of the night I realised I had met a hilarious, cheeky and very smart guy. We organised our next date then and there, and almost 18 months later we are still together and couldn’t be happier!

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