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1. SpeedDater Guarantee

SpeedDater guarantees that you will meet someone you would like to see again at each PAID speed dating event. If you do not meet someone you would like to see again you can come to another speed dating event of equal or lesser value free of charge.

When entering ticks after a speed dating event, members have the option to tick yes, no or friend for every guest. If you would like to see someone again, you can tick the yes or friend option. If you didn't want to see someone again, you would tick no. If you didn't want to see anyone again, you would tick no for all guests and tick the box at the bottom for the free event option to activate your guarantee.

Activity events and parties are not eligible for guarantee activation, the offer is on speed dating events only.

The SpeedDater guarantee remains valid for three months from the date of the original event.

The guarantee only offers free tickets to events you have not already booked for. We will not refund tickets already booked for future events under the guarantee. If you tick anyone you have met at a speed dating event you have indicated that you would like to see someone again and therefore do not qualify for a free ticket to a future event.

The guarantee can be used on a future speed dating event that costs the same or less than your original event. If you are using the guarantee on a ticket that you bought for a discounted price, you must pay the balance when claiming the guarantee. For example, if you purchase a ticket for the discounted price of £15 and then wish to claim a guarantee and use it on an event which is £24, you must pay the £9. If you wanted to book another event which was £15 that would be no problem. If you choose an event which is lesser value than your original purchase, the remainder can not be used as credit or rolled over. If tickets are purchased on an event which has a 2for1 promo - the ticket value is limited to half the value per person. For example, if you pay £22 for 2 tickets using a 2for1 promo, tickets are valued at £11 each. So if a guarantee is activated, you can purchase an £11 speed dating event for free, or pay in the difference if the new event is more.

The guarantee is also limited to one free ticket per paid for ticket. The guarantee may not be rolled over. If you claim your guarantee and then do not tick anyone again at your free event, you may not claim another guarantee.

To qualify for a free ticket under the guarantee you must take part in the whole event. If you leave early or choose not to take part you do not qualify.

The SpeedDater guarantee does not apply to special bigger ticket events such as days and evenings out (punting, walks, wine tasting, cooking classes, ping pong, comedy nights, bowling etc) or to SpeedDater Lock and Key Parties or SpeedDater Balls. Guarantees may not be used to book these special events at all and it is not possible to pay the difference in price.

For Elite and Super Elite events, the value of the guarantee is limited to a ticket to a normal speed dating event (i.e. not exceeding £25). If purchasing a ticket to an Elite or Super elite event with a guarantee, you must pay the difference in price. So if you book an elite event for £45, you will still need to pay a £20 for the next elite event: £45 - £25 max value = £20. The speed dating is free, the food/drink is not. Regardless of discounts on the elite event, a minimum of £20 will always be charged to cover the food/drink order.

The guarantee also does not apply to complimentary tickets.

If you are seen to be handing out business cards, exchanging contact details or sending site messages to event members, this suggests you do wish to see members again. Such acts will forfeit an activated guarantee.

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