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Sarah Louise Ryan
Leading Relationship Expert, Dating Coach and International Matchmaker in the dating industry who has been helping singles since 2011
"With a background in international business and journalism, I always felt I had the grounding to connect people globally. I am a dating and relationship writer and I spend a lot of my time chatting as an expert about anything dating, relationships or heartbreak-recovery related. I am a huge advocate for self-development, the law of attraction and positivity being vital for living the best life today. NLP Practitioner and believer in 'The Slight Edge', that's me in a nutshell. I have an extraordinary job helping people find and keep the love they so deserve. I have been putting singles together for many years internationally and have been flying all around the world to do what it takes in order to make love happen".

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Course Outline

Week 1. Building dating confidence
This lecture will help you build unbreakable confidence so you can begin attracting the right kinds of people into your life when dating. You will learn how to work through current opportunities for love whilst feeling good about yourself and your decision making in the process. Also, you will know how to let go of the things that are no longer serving you and make space for creating new opportunities, especially around love without getting caught up with the what if’s or could have beens.
Week 2. Why do we seek a partner?
Most of us seek a partner, for life or at least for a while. But why are we doing this? In this lecture, we will analyze the main reasons for seeking a partner. We will also tell you how to choose the person who is right for you.
Week 3. Do’s and dont’s?
This lecture will give you the do’s and don’t so you feel like you’re more in the driving seat of attracting the right kinds of people to you. Our Dating & Relationship Expert, Sarah Louise Ryan, will tell you everything you need to know about eradicating pen-pals, pseudo-relationships and just about any conversation online or offline that’s going to waste time for your love-life.
Week 4. The best and worst dating conversation topics
This lecture aims to set you up for success and streamline the process of modern dating so you can focus on the fun part - getting to know the right kinds of people on your wavelength and having conversations will light up the most confident version of you.
Week 5. The dating dress code
This lecture will set yourself up for success by overcoming challenges of how to dress to make a great first impression on your dating journey.
Week 6. How to overcome shyness?
Sarah Louise Ryan is ready to give you the tools to your dating box to eradicate shyness and any feelings of self doubt that are stopping you from attracting the right kinds of people and situations in your life. This lecture aims to set you up for dating success so you can show up to your date putting your best foot forward. Sarah will share exactly how to navigate your self-doubt to successfully date and put yourself back in the driving seat in dating.
Week 7. Your roadmap to a successful relationship?
Get ready for a lasting, loving relationship with these top tips from our dating and relationship expert Sarah Louise Ryan. Sarah is ready to give you the tools to your dating box to eradicate uncertainty when meeting other singles on the modern dating scene and share her 3 fundamental foundations of a lasting, fulfilling and loving relationship so you can set yourself up for relationship success.
Week 8. How to attract your ideal partner?
In this lecture you will figure out how to attract like-minded people to you in the modern dating space? Are you ready to invest your dating energy in all the right places, with all the right kinds of people? The only thing that should be left to figure out is if you the two of you have that ‘spark’. Sarah Louise Ryan wants to share with you what she knows about attracting, building and deepening long-lasting relationships.
Week 9. Discover how to strengthen your self-respect & sense of identity?
Do you feel like you’ve been wasting time with the wrong kinds of people for you? Do you feel fearful about communicating your needs or unsure what your needs are in the first place? Sarah Louise Ryan will share with you her 3 steps to setting your inner self up for success by getting clear on what you want and need in life and in love. In this lecture you will also learn why you romanticise the wrong kinds of people for you and end up settling for them anyway, even though you know they aren’t quite right for you.
Week 10. Your love success: How to maintain a happy&healthy relationship?
In this lecture you will figure out what communication skills are needed so you and your partner can remain integral to your needs in love whilst nurturing a loving relationship.


What is a SpeedDater Dating Course?
The SpeedDater Dating Course is an online video course with 10 video lectures + practical tasks that will help you to increase your confidence, set your main goals and create your own success story. The main objective of the course is to help you to understand what exactly you are searching for, what partner do you need and what steps you should take to find love and build happy relationships.
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20 hours on-demand videos
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18 practical materials
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May 2024
May 2024
Bea is absolutely brilliant, she will give respect and attention to everyone and, at the same time set between herself and f/m daters. She was keeping the event up and safe for everyone.
May 2024
Really good host, lovely location
April 2024
Host was great and very helpful

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