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What are speed dating events?

Here at SpeedDater, speed dating varies every week, we never have a dull week with different activities running. Speed dating is all about meeting people and having fun in a comfortable environment. Recently, we have created a varied range of events to expand the demographic and to enhance our guests experience. We also want to make sure that there are enough to match our guests' preferences. We never want to single anyone out, hence why we’ve created Lesbian, Gay, Christian and the activity events. These types are also expanding and we hope to have more activity, Gay, Lesbian and Christian dating events in other cities across the UK. This article will be focusing on Lesbian speed dating, how it operates and what to expect.

Lesbian Dating London UK

Dating in London as a Lesbian is very very accessible, there are many places that you can go and meet people and potentially find the one. There are fun and exciting lesbian events running all the time, and this city is perfect for any Lesbian looking for love. She - Soho is one of the best-reviewed Lesbian bars in London, encouraging women to meet women alike where they can also have a really fun night out!

Here at SpeedDater, we offer lesbian speed dating in London and a fun environment for women to meet other women, creating a personal experience. Although going out to a club is fun and a great way to meet people, lesbian dating in London and speed dating just allows girls to have a proper chat and spend a little more time getting to know people one on one.

If you are wondering how this works, well, it operates very similarly to gay speed dating so the format and operations of the event are not alike to our straight speed dating. Women will arrive, be signed and badged as usual. However, alike to the gay speed dating, woman number one will be instructed to stay seated throughout the entire event. The rest of the guests will move one to the left every time the bell rings, as usual. Having participant number 1 sat down the entire event, makes it so much easier for everyone to move around smoothly and creates less confusion. The host at Lesbian dating events in London has to make sure that they understand where everyone is and be aware of what is going on, almost more than they would at the straight speed dating. This is because Lesbian and Gay speed dating takes a little more focus and sometimes people get mixed up with where they’re going. Therefore, the host is always on ball with making sure that people are moving in the correct direction and that number one is staying seated. You won’t be alone on this one, the host will be there to ensure you see all of the dates.

Afterward is exactly the same as usual, the ladies will take their scorecards home and enter their ticks after receiving an email. They will then be able to see their matches.

Types of Lesbian speed dating events in London

For all you ladies out there who would prefer to meet other ladies one on one, in a more intimate environment, it is your lucky day because we have many lesbian in London for you that will meet those preferences. Our Lesbian speed dating events in London are held once a month in Simmons Temple. Simmons Temple is absolutely perfect for this style of event because all of the tables are in one line, making it easier for people to move along to the left.

We currently only hold Lesbian events in London but alike to Gay, we are hoping to expand and get them operating in different cities so we can have lesbian speed dating in UK. We hope also that we can create a lesbian party in London at some point, for those women who prefer to be in a bar environment.

Below are the three speed dating for lesbians events we are holding in Simmons Temple. Go grab your tickets! All information regarding the event is on our website; you can see the itinerary, how these lesbian singles events work and the person who will be hosting the event.

If you are interested in attending one of these speed dating evenings above or any other speed dating for that matter, make sure to check the website out for more information.


Lesbian speed dating events are becoming more and more popular and we’re so glad to hold them every month for you ladies. We created Lesbian, Gay, and Christian dating to ensure that we are allowing everyone to have the chance of finding a match. London is an amazing place for this and especially women wanting to meet other women. We hope that you will attend one of them, be that in London or across the country, an activity or a gay or lesbian event.

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