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New Year's Eve: Farewell to 2023 Bowling
All Star Lanes Holborn, London
24-55 years




Valentine's Speed Dating Party
Revolucion de Cuba, Newcastle
24-38 years



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Speed Dating
Hart + Co, Leamington Spa
36-55 years
Sold out



What is a lock and key party?

A lock and key singles party is one of our special events that take place twice a month for all of our London guests, ages 24-40 and 36-55.

We call them lock and key parties because the ice breaker involves locks...and keys... the men are given keys as they are signed in and the women are handed locks. We introduced this idea in order for those guests who find it a little more difficult going up to other people, hopefully, will feel more comfortable about the idea of having something to start the conversation, even if it is using a key to open a lock! The great thing about this icebreaker is that the guests can also win prizes at the party if they find the lock to their key and vice versa. The prizes include a free event, party or drink, a bottle of prosecco or a little fun prize. Although there is an emphasis on the lock and keys, these parties are for singles who enjoy meeting other single people in a social, bar like environment. Here at speed dater, we understand that sometimes it can be hard approaching someone in this environment, hence why the lock and keys make it so much easier and everyone seems to enjoy it.

Lock and Key Parties, London, UK

Our lock and key parties in London, United Kingdom are popular events with over 150 people attending both parties with different age ranges. These lock and key speed dating in London events run twice a month with usually three hosts; one managing and overlooking one signing in the men, and the other signing in the women. The parties usually run very smoothly with three hosts as if there is more, sign in can get very confusing. The lock and key party events work like so; guests will be signed in separately, handed a lock or key and asked if they would like to sign up for the speed dating sessions. After being signed in, it is up to the guests what they do, who they talk to etc. The hosts will be there for any questions needed.

The first speed dating for singles session will be announced by a bell so that guests that are booked on are aware of where they need to go and reminded of their session. The speed dating sessions will work as normal speed dating and there will be three or four sessions depending on the amount of people at the party. When the singles speed dating has ended, the guests will return to the party and continue to mingle. The event will run like that the entire night and guests are encouraged to take part in the speed dating. These parties are always really exciting and a great way to meet people, so if you’re thinking about something a little more out there and are thinking of getting out of your comfort zone… a SpeedDater, not an Original Dating... lock and key party in London is the place for you!

Types of Lock and Key Party for Singles in London

The type of lock and key party that we hold here depends on the month and occasion. At Christmas time, our lock and key parties are all mistletoe and festive themed, with gifts that match. The venue would be decorated accordingly. Our biggest month of the year is February because of…Valentine’s Day! Our Valentine’s parties are huge and we go all out for this special holiday; heart pinatas, selfie frames, heart decorations and red everywhere! We also always want there to be something interactive and interesting for our guests to do at parties besides the lock and key element which is why we have pinatas, selfie frames, glitter stations and more at the events.

If you like what you hear, then you are in luck as we have loads more nights.


Lock and Key parties are a very exciting part of speed dating and a fun way to meet people in a social environment. This article has explained the ins and outs of lock and key dating and singles speed dating in London, how the events operate and what is occurring over the next few months. So if this is of interest to you and you would like to attend one of the parties coming up, all you have to do is search for them on our website and get yourself booked on. We promise you won’t want to miss one of these parties!