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Wine Tasting
Flora Wines, London
36-55 years




Wine Tasting
Brighton Cocktail Company, Brighton
28-45 years




Wine Tasting
Flora Wines, London
28-38 years



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Speed Dating
Exchange Bar , Leicester
35-55 years
Last few



What is Wine Tasting Speed Dating?

Sometimes, it is often difficult deciding what event to go to, especially when we offer such a range of activities, parties and speed dating. However, some events offer activities that may suit you more. For example, if you’re finding it hard to decide whether to come to a singles wine tasting in London because you are unsure what it’s going to be like etc.

Here at SpeedDater, we can promise that this event will not disappoint. There are a variety of wines for you to try and you will also get to meet potential love interests while you’re at it. There is a trained wine expert and host who will be able to guide you through the whole night. We recommend these wine tasting for singles events as it is usually very popular. If this has slightly made up your mind, keep reading for more information.

Singles wine tasting is one of our special activity speed dating events for those who are wine lovers but also interested in meeting someone who shares that likeness. We have created these events due to popular demand and also because it’s another great way to meet people.

Wine Tasting for Singles

If the problem is that you are unsure whether to attend a speed dating wine tasting event, because you have never had a taste for it… then your only option is to come and try it out. We promise that you will go away wanting to book another one!

Our wine tasting dating events are different to our normal speed dating events where you will join 30 other singles to try and test 6 different wines. There will be a variety of red and white, and not only will these delicious wines be for tasting but this event gives you insider knowledge into the wines you’re tasting, so it’s educational as well as fun!

Alike to the rest of our activity events, there will be no one-on-one speed dating but instead you will mingle in groups. However, the host will ensure that everyone does get to meet everyone at the event.

So if you are having trouble deciding, then this little description about this event will hopefully have your head turning towards vivat bacchus to taste some exquisite wine with other wine lovers.

Wine Tasting Speed Dating in London, UK

Wine tasting events are being held in London currently, however, we are hoping to introduce more events elsewhere and not just wine tasting events in London. Therefore, if your issue is that you can’t get to London for the wine tasting event, then do not fret, we are planning more and more events in other cities so keep an eye out.

Our wine tasting events are situated in two Vivat Bacchus’ around London, the first in Farringdon and the other in London Bridge, both very central locations. Vivat Bacchus is a great venue and is perfect for this type of event and we have an exclusive space for the event to occur. Vivat Bacchus also provides us with a well educated wine expert to take us through the night.

Wine tasting speed dating in London, United Kingdom is offered to people in two different age groups to ensure that everyone can experience this type of event; the next event is for people who are between 41-55 and the one after that is for people ages 30-40. We offer the event to this range of people because we believe it is the best demographic and the event would be more popular for these ages.

There are many advantages of coming to a wine tasting event with SpeedDater:

  • It’s an opportunity to try something new, that you may not have done before.
  • The host will know exactly what they’re doing and how to control the event, so you just need to follow their lead.
  • You will get to meet up to 12 new people and potentially find the person you have been looking for.
  • This event will be worth your money as you will learn about many different wines from an expert and get to try all of them.
  • After the event, if you liked someone, the process is very easy to see if they like you too and get in touch with them.

If this sounds like your idea of a relaxed, educational and great evening then what’s stopping you from booking onto the next event right now?!

Types of Wine Tasting Events in London

Here at SpeedDater, we are lucky to have this type of event once a month in the beautiful Vivat Bacchus. Unfortunately, our February wine event has passed, but if you’re now intrigued by the idea of wine tasting, then this is the event for you. If you enjoy learning about new wine and meeting new people at the same time then you better get booked in! Our next few events are listed here, make sure to go and check all the details before booking so you know the exact location and other information that may be useful when thinking about booking.