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6 Bad first date ideas

27 Nov 2013

First dates can be daunting. Choosing where to go can be high pressure. Although it is all about the person you are with, the place is also important. Check out our other blog entries for great date ideas and see below for date ideas to avoid. You’re welcome.

  • Karaoke
    I don’t like karaoke at the best of times, but on a first date is just cringe. Whether you are belting a ballad, trying to give it some Whitney or doing a cheesy duet it’s just wrong. Wrong wrong wrong.
  • Sporting match
    Unless you have a mutual love for sport, save sports matches for going with your mates.
  • High end restaurant
    Expensive dates at high end restaurants are amazing, but who pays? I am a fan of bill splitting, but it’s a risk on a first date. Somewhere overly posh will probably mean everyone is on their best behaviour too and you won’t see the real relaxed person. Choose somewhere middle of the range if you insist on dinner, but a drink for a first date is better.
  • Cinema
    You can’t talk in the cinema, which means you can’t get to know your date. And if you are one of those annoying people who thinks it’s ok to talk in the cinema? It’s not, you’re wrong, and you should be banned from cinemas. And quiet zones in trains. And small acoustic gigs. The cinema is fine for the third date onwards.
  • Getting sweaty
    I was recently watching a reality TV show (don’t judge me) where a guy took a girl to the gym for their first date. It was a big mistake – who wants to get competitive and sweaty with someone they’ve just met? Just for the record it was a dating reality show, so I felt like I had to watch it because I work in the dating industry.. cough.
  • Your local
    Go to the same bar every Friday for after works drinks with your colleagues? Great, just don’t take your date there. Similarly with a pub near home, you can risk running into someone you know too easily.

Had any horrendous date locations you’d like to share? Hit me up below in the comments, I love a bit of date gossip.

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