6 reasons why you should go on a blind date
08 Jul 2014

6 reasons why you should go on a blind date

Have you ever been asked to go on a blind date? If you have been single for a while chances are a friend or co-worker has ‘kindly’ offered their services as a dating expert to set you up with someone else they know who is single. Turned it down because it’s not your scene? Do you think that blind dates are always a disaster? And how dare they interfere in your love life?! I know that blind dates are not for everyone. Plus TV shows and movies tend to tell us that blind dates are awful (though usually amusing to anyone else watching). But there are some good reasons to accept an invite from an over eager friend who loves to play cupid. I hope this blog will win over any blind-date-haters by the end!

1. Blind date reason #1: It’s better than sitting at home

What would you rather be doing; sitting at home in your pjs watching bad TV or a rerun of a movie that you have seen a thousand times, or, getting dressed up and going on a date with a potential gorgeous single? I know which one I would rather choose. It’s easy to sit at home and watch the TV, but how often do you get the chance to go on a date to a nice restaurant and have a good night out? So when the chance comes along - snap it up because you never know how long you could be waiting to the next offer and there are only so many times you can watch EastEnders!

2. Blind date reason #2: You’ll meet someone different

We tend to attract a certain type of single; you just attract them like a magnet and no matter what you do you always seem to go for the same type. We are set in our ways. We know what we like and we won’t even consider anything else. Blind dates are a great way to meet someone you wouldn’t normally consider, someone different. Your friends probably know the type you go for and will try to find someone a bit different. You may be out of your comfort zone but you never know it could turn out to be a great match and the best decision you could have made. You won’t know unless you give it a chance. Expanding your circle never hurts. It’s good to meet new and different people, if only to realise what you do and don’t want!

3. Blind date reason #3: You might just have fun

Dates can be fun even if you have nothing in common with the other person. I always find that a date will only be fun if you go in with an open mind, If you are already set on it being bad then no doubt it will end up that way because you have placed that thought in your head. A date is only what you make of it yourself. So go in open minded and you might be surprised at how much fun you could have. Even a terrible date makes for a good story to share with friends over a bottle of wine, right?

4. Blind date reason #4: you might gain a new friend

So you might not meet the man/women of your dreams on this blind date but all is not lost. Going on a blind date and not falling hopelessly in love doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve wasted your time. You might meet someone who you have a lot in common with, have fun with and enjoy their company. They may not be dating potential but they could end up being a good friend which is something to be happy about. It’s also really valuable to have a good network of single friends, so when all your besties are in relationships you will always have people to go out with. You never know they could introduce you to other singles they know would be perfect for you.

5. Blind date reason #5: You could meet the perfect guy/girl

It is possible to meet the one on a blind date, although it doesn’t happen often. You may need to go on a few blind dates to find that perfect someone, but it can happen. One of my friends met their current boyfriend through being set up by a co-worker and they hit it off like a house on fire and have been together for 3 years now – see it does work  and really what have you got to lose? If it doesn’t work out there is no big deal and if you meet someone special then that’s great.

6. Blind date reason #6: Your confidence will grow

Whether the date goes well or doesn’t go anywhere you will gain more confidence in yourself from dating new people. A night of flirting always gives you a real confidence boost. You might learn new things about yourself and are likely to realise the anxiety and nervousness was worth it in the long run with all the experience and confidence you have gained. A few blind dates are a great way to get you back into the dating game if you have been out of it for a while. As you build up your confidence you will go on more enjoyable dates and remember confidence is a very sexy thing.

So if you are single then maybe it is worth going on a blind date? What have you got to lose? Nothing! I hope that some of the reasons above have helped you to come to some sort of decision about going on a blind date. If you don’t have a friend or co-worker to set you up with another single then why not come along to one of our speed dating events? You can potentially met 15 blind dates in one night. You can check out our events at: www.speeddater.co.uk and if you are nervous bring a friend along to make the experience a bit more relaxing.

Happy dating!


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