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Dating secrets: how can I tell if he fancies me?

19 Aug 2014

Body language expert Susan Quilliam gives us the low down

Every woman would love to have the super power of reading minds. I’d also quite like to fly and eat bacon sandwiches all day long without putting on any weight. Sadly, these things aren’t ever going to happen. Lucky for us, we don’t need to read men’s minds. We can read their body language instead. Our friends at hired body language expert Susan Quilliam to decipher what a man is thinking on a first date and discover his true intentions through his body language.

Sexpert and relationship psychologist Susan Quilliam reveals how to spot a man who just wants to be friends and one who is desperate to see you again. Even small movements such as where he places his feet in relation to a woman are subtle signals about his initial feelings.

Susan said: "If you've only just met, it's tricky to ask about a guy's true intentions. Luckily, you don't have to because body language will tell you all you want to know before he even opens his mouth.

“Humans' non-verbal clues communicate up to 90 per cent of our emotions - in posture, gesture, expression and gaze - so even if he's trying to hide it, you'll know what he really feels about you."

Read Susan’s essential guide here on the Mail online



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