Christmas for singles: A girl’s guide to the bright side
21 Dec 2015

Christmas for singles: A girl’s guide to the bright side

So, you’ve had your office Christmas party and Mr Dreamy Eyes from Marketing was under the mistletoe with someone else. Your plan to make your move and secure the guy by Christmas is down the toilet, and after a few regrettable tequilas you go home alone. ‘Tis the season! Smug couples are wearing his & hers Christmas jumpers for their smug couples nights in (and posting pictures ALL over Instagram), and you’re just dreading that moment over your festive feast when Aunt Jan asks “so, do you have a boyfriend yet?”

Christmas can be a tough time to be single – there are only so many times you can tell obscure and nosy relatives that you really are ok on your own before you start to think, maybe I should have found someone by now? Well, grab a mince pie and relax, because there are loads of great things about being single at Christmas.

1) Party season! Sparkly dresses, red lips and sharp suits are the order of the evenings. There’s no better time to shine, so get your glad rags on and see where the nights will take you.

2) More money for party season! While couples break their banks buying presents for one another and 2 x families, you can splash the cash on festive fun. If you’re looking for something to put in your diary, the SpeedDater NYE singles party is always a sell-out! Includes lock and key ice-breaker, optional speed dating and DJ. (And there won’t be a couple in sight.) Busy NYE? Not to worry! Our singles events coming into 2016 are super popular, so pick one and get involved!

3) Family. The holiday season is all about family, and it’s much nicer to have quality time with your nearest and dearest than spend half of your break driving up and down the motorway to see the irritating in-laws.

4) Which brings me to… no awful in-laws! Can I hear a HALLELUJAH?!

5) InstaChristmas: Being in a couple at Christmas is not all it seems. They may be uploading cute pictures in front of a fire, but in reality the financial strain and endless hours of being polite to each other’s families result in arguments. Just remember, their annoying Instagram updates can often be pretty far from reality.

6) With no motorway dashing to split your Christmas between two families, you’ll be able to have a relaxed and restful holiday. While the couples return to work haggard and broke you’ll be a bright and breezy single pringle.

All you need to do is chill out, say yes to the party invites and have a fabulous, glittery, relaxed and festive SINGLE Christmas. Oh, and tell your Aunt Jan to bugger off.

That's all for now,
Sophie x

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