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Dating an Estate Agent

1 Sep 2014
I was recently asked to give comments as a dating industry expert for 'The Bluffers Guide'. They were curious to know the top reasons to date an estate agent. Here's the scoop:

Estate agents don't give up often/easily/ever

We all know how persistent estate agents can be. Which can of course be flattering or irritating depending on the situation. Estate agents will give good chase, they know something good when they see it and will be willing to invest emotionally and financially. They appreciate that some things need work and won’t let you slip away easily once you’re together.

They know ALL the local hot spots

It's their job to know great local places – from bars and restaurants to nearby markets, parks and shops. Scrap google, ask an estate agent where the best spot to be on a Friday night is. They will be happy to plan interesting dates and surprise you with places you’ve never heard of.

They know how to entertain

They know first impressions count – in the real estate and dating world. They will dress well, have your number on speed dial if they are running late, open car doors and totally turn on the wow factor when it’s needed. They are social people who will happily be the life of a party and can talk to anyone. Even your strange Aunt. And your Aunt’s cat.

They make dreams come true

Buying a flat/house is life changing. It’s cheesy but they might just change your life too.

They know when to turn on the charm

You might find your words being twisted, or even being charmed mid argument. Their sound people skills are often used on every person in a 100 mile radius, which is not ideal for the easily jealous types!

They can sell.. themselves

If they can sell houses in a recession, selling themselves must be a piece of cake. If anyone can write a good online dating profile it should be an estate agent right? Though if you witness grand embellishments or awful puns relating to easy access, generous sizing and narrow entrances you have my permission to block them immediately. Barf.

Happy dating!


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