First date conversation no nos:
22 Sep 2014

First date conversation no nos:

First dates are all about sharing key facts about you so your date gets to know you a bit better, but sometimes some information is best kept to yourself. Dates are awkward as it is without saying something that scares your date off – No one wants that. Although some things may just slip out because you are nervous or you haven’t even realised you’ve said it, “foot in mouth moment” it’s best to be clued up on first date conversation no no’s before you go on a date. So what conversations are best avoided on a first date?

How many sexual partners you’ve had:

We really don’t want to know how many people you have slept with, I don’t know why anyone would want to share this on a first date. It’s a bit too much information to share with someone. Although most people won’t care if you’ve slept with a lot of people, the fact is no one likes to know this especially on a first date. TMI!! (Too much information), don’t ask anybody this question either, it’s just creepy and wrong!

Your Salary:

Don’t share your salary, you are only showing off if you do and no one likes an arrogant show off. It also makes the other person feel awkward as they might feel obliged to share theirs. If a guy ever shares his salary with me he won’t be getting a second date, unless he is super rich that is

“Hey so I’m looking for a serious relationship”

Wow calm down there!! There are some people out there who say this on a first date, they wear their heart in their sleeves and tend to jump in too deep too soon. If there was one thing that would freak you out on a first date this would be it – TAXI! You’ve just met the person, talking about wanting a serious relationship/kids/marriage is not a good look and will scare your date off. Yes you may want a serious relationship but keep this to yourself until you know your date well enough. Hopefully when you do the feelings will be mutual.

“I’m just looking for a casual fling”

See above and repeat (keep this to yourself) you never know you might end up really liking this guy/girl. Saying that you just want a casual fling will not show you in a good light and the date will be over before you know it.

“My ex this my ex that”

Never and I mean never speak about your ex on a first date, actually never speak about your ex for the first couple of dates. It just shows that you are still hung up on them and that’s not what anyone wants to hear. It’s easy enough to say “you’re nothing like my ex” but just hold yourself back. Keep the chat away from your ex and focus on the person you are with.

As Benjamin Franklin would put it:

“Remember not only to say the right thing in the right place, but far more difficult still, to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment.”


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