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Love Chart for Cancer

6 Jul 2021
If you’re Cancer and want to know who your ideal fit might be, then we have you covered below. See who works, who to avoid and who to embrace as you embark on a journey of love and romance.

Cancer and Cancer - June 21st to July 22nd
Cancer is known to be the homemaker when it comes to the Zodiac, which means that this pairing will soon become familiar in their homely surroundings. This means that they’ll enjoy creating a home that’s cosy, welcoming and classy. Both have a sensitive side and love to nurture and keep others feeling safe, which means that there is always plenty of love on offer here. This connection is all about creating memories so expect to come across some sort of memory book hidden away in a drawer at some point! However, it’s not all butterflies and rainbows because your similarities can push you apart. Therefore, changing moods can cause friction which can result in arguments and problems.

Cancer and Leo - July 23rd to August 22nd
This relationship is more akin to a reality show or a huge theatrical production because these signs bring together individuals who are clingy and demanding. Cancer suffers from more insecurities than the other, although they become possessive, which can place pressure on the excitement of Leo. Along with this, Leo also craves a need to be the centre of attention, although Cancer can become much like Jekyll and Hyde because moods can change like the flick of a light switch. However, there are many differences here, which means that decisions made without thought can lead to the walls crumbling down. Despite this, there’s no shortage of passion and desire. Emotions run high, while both need to understand their responsibility when it comes to keeping this relationship alive.

Cancer and Virgo - August 23rd to September 22nd
Friendship and companionship are the order of the day when Cancer and Virgo come together. Instantly, that emotional connection is formed, and Cancer cannot believe their luck when they realise that Virgo is someone who is willing to give more than take. This relationship becomes much like a fairy-tale with lots of touching and innocence. You’re both more sensible than you realise, saving money for a rainy day. Both are completely caring and worry about the security of each other, although there is plenty of fussing and nagging, too, yet still, things move in the right direction. You’re both committed to each other and love your families, while intimacy is never an issue because you both love staying at home!

Cancer and Libra - September 23rd to October 22nd
Instantly you’ll recognise that this isn’t a match made in heaven, but that doesn’t mean it was formed in the fiery pits of hell. However, this pairing is a romantic affair, with both coming together to share their flair and passion for style and art. Cancer is moodier than a brewing thunderstorm, although as quick as the storm forms, the sun shines, and things become good again. Libra, in contrast, is a happy-go-lucky soul who understands the line between being serious and having fun. However, things are different when it comes to sorting out the differences, which means Libra will need to learn about making peace in order to have a simple life!

Cancer and Scorpio - October 23rd to November 21st
When it comes to matches, this pairing comes together like strawberries and cream. Trust is something that doesn’t come naturally to both, yet you’re both extremely trusting of each other. If you’re looking for a lifelong partnership, then this is it. It’s an emotional arrangement whereby there’s no shortage of intimacy. Together, you both feel safer than a child wrapped in its mother’s arms. As with any relationship, there’s always that awkward patch, but breaking through that period will enable you to be met with the bright lights of a perfect relationship. Being together is simple; you love doing things together, and once you become parents, you make that deep connection count. Despite this, the one thing to remember is that jealousy and being possessive is something you both have to grapple with!

Cancer and Sagittarius - November 22nd to December 21st
You’re like chalk and cheese, and completely different which means that you’ll never know what this relationship becomes. It could be a match made in heaven or a complete car crash. Cancer is about family and loved ones, while Sagittarius is about exploring new adventures, so you’ll see what we mean when we say that you’re very different! Therefore, Sagittarius can often feel cornered by Cancer, especially when everything becomes familiar and routine. Each day can become the same, and that can force Sagittarius to feel pushed away. Collectively, Cancer can become moody while anger is an issue for Sagittarius, which can result in some fiery disagreements. Despite this, things become easier thanks to the fun in the bedroom that brings you together!

Cancer and Capricorn - December 22nd to January 19th
Cancer will often have some weaknesses that can feel more exposed than Janet Jackson (if you know, you know), but Capricorn makes up for their weaknesses. Cancer craves attention and affection, while Capricorn tends to overlook the emotions of Cancer, taking them as nothing more than something dramatic. However, Capricorn buries their feelings and then becomes depressed before becoming an easy target. The trick here is to understand the language of love here because Cancer offers friendly gestures that prove they’re caring while Capricorn makes gestures in other ways, such as being the provider. Collectively, becoming parents is where things really go from strength to strength. Loyalty is a big element of life for you both, and this quality runs deep through the relationship.

Cancer and Aquarius - January 20th to February 18th
This pairing is much like eating caviar with chocolate sauce because it doesn’t work. Strangely, however, it does. Cancer places the family at the centre of life while they become possessive. In contrast, Aquarius is more laid back and cool because they’ve got an easy-going vibe that means they rarely crave vast amounts of affection. Aquarius is much like a free spirit which means they can often feel trapped by the needy Cancer, which leaves them looking for escape routes. When Cancer becomes hurt, they create some form of invisible shield around them, leaving Aquarius slightly confused. The loyalty offered by Cancer is something Aquarius appreciates and misses, although this match just works because it does!

Cancer and Pisces - February 19th to March 20th
Strip away that tough shell, and you’re both softer than sheep’s wool. Spending time alone together leads to a tender relationship that’s completely compatible. Both of you love nurturing and taking care of each other, so when problems arise, a bunch of flowers usually solves the problem. This romantic partnership is as traditional as they come. Soft music, candlelit dinners and delicious meals are a precursor for an hour after hour of kissing and passion. This relationship becomes a safe haven for both while the mood swings of each other are easily absorbed because it’s the right option. You’re both sophisticated, exploring the arts and enjoying museums. Grudges won’t help this relationship, so it works best to let them go, which means no sulking or mood swings!

Cancer and Aries - March 21st to April 19th
This relationship requires work because the alternative is to watch it disappear into the distance. With Aries being the baby of the Zodiac and Cancer being the mother, this relationship could fall into the trap of taking on specific roles. Aries can often let their selfish side roam free, although this happens unbeknownst, although Cancer will often feel resentful. Nurturing comes naturally to Cancer; they’re also extremely vulnerable. However, while Aries likes to be cared for, Cancer can cause problems by taking their role too literally, creating a whole new level of expectations from Aries. There are differences between the two because Aries is a free bird while Cancer is loyal, so compromises have to be made.

Cancer and Taurus - April 20th to May 20th
If old-fashioned relationships could be captured perfectly, then this pairing is it! This relationship is much like that perfect school relationship that moves through the decades and ends with the two growing old together! Both love nurturing while affection comes naturally, which means you’re both already preparing for the future. A love of culture and art or music brings you closer together, and as parents, you take a firm but fair approach. Sometimes, Taurus will speak their mind and cause problems for Cancer because Taurus doesn’t realise how powerful they are. So, if this relationship is to succeed, then Taurus will need to tone things down.

Cancer and Gemini - May 21st to June 20th
Nesting and building strong relationships is the ultimate goal of Cancer. In contrast, Gemini has an itch that needs itching, which means that they cannot keep still. You’ll share certain interests, but your temperaments are poles apart. In most instances, this works perfectly well because you enjoy doing things together and exploring new things, whether that’s music or books. The home you create will become filled with a blend of modern and antique pieces, making it an eclectic yet unique place. Cancer strives to take control, with that mothering need, while Gemini can feel smothered. At times, Gemini embraces this, but other times, they’ll feel pressured and pushed. This relationship works once there is an understanding of space and safety.

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