Love Chart For Gemini
09 Jun 2021

Love Chart For Gemini

Love can be found through many different forms, including speed dating and fate, but often, star signs can determine how we connect with other people. When the stars align, magical things can occur, but understanding how different signs connect can help. What this means is that we have created the perfect guide to help you determine which star signs are likely to be compatible if you’re a Gemini.

Gemini and Aries (March 21st to April 19th)
Both signs are fiery and passionate, while both are always looking to take control and be the main partner. This results in a need to constantly pass the mantle between each other, which can become troublesome. As a Gemini, occasionally, you’ll need to take a step back and be the one to hand over control. Despite this, don’t fall into the trap of being the weaker one. You’re both looking for an adult relationship and not having to care for the other one like a baby. Independence is a key driver for this relationship, although adventure often brings you closer together. However, jealousy can often prove troublesome for both parties, so be prepared to fend off those emotions if you’re serious about making things work.

Gemini and Taurus (April 20th to May 20th)
As expected, Taurus follows their strong desires by locking horns and being the determined one. This means that the bull and the ram constantly butt heads. This fiery relationship resembles that of a fierce avalanche with lots of aggression and power. Therefore, both are looking for a partner who likes to be taken care of and protected. Therefore, the relationship begins as something aggressive before becoming something civilised and mutual. Whether you’ve met by speed dating or simply passing in the street, strength is a crucial part of both of your personalities, but that can translate into a great team. You’re both looking for plenty of fun and action, while Taurus will need to keep active in order to keep up with you. Being possessive is something you both share, and that’s not a bad thing!

Gemini and Gemini (May 21st to June 20th)
Broken personalities collide here, making this a different relationship. Fortunately, you both share the characteristic of being versatile, but of course, you’re both hugely similar. You’ll both embrace sharing ideas and debating them because getting to the bottom of a hot topic becomes a priority for you. This battle of personalities will always require the right listening skills because it’s important to set time aside for each other. Both are committed, so whether that’s work, business, interests or family, that commitment can be seen in the home that you make. Despite this, together, you’re a powerhouse and a creative collective. Once that spark is lit, you’re a flame that’s going to keep burning day after day.

Gemini and Cancer (June 21st to July 22nd)
As a Gemini, be prepared for someone who has a homely instinct and loves to build an ever-lasting bond. This could prove challenging for you because you’re the restless type who seeks an intellectual type. You’ll share similar interests; although your temperaments are worlds apart, it still works out. From discovering new things such as books or music to enjoying fine food, you click together like the final pieces of a jigsaw. One small issue is the need for Cancer to show their affection and mothering side. You’ll naturally feel deterred by this and won’t want to be smothered. At times you’ll embrace their nurturing side, but at other times, you’ll push them away. As a Gemini, you’ll naturally look for space, but Cancer always needs reassuring, and that’s the perfect set-up.

Gemini and Leo (July 2rd to August 22nd)
As a friendship, you go together like bread and butter because you love discussing the latest hot topics. You’re both cultured individuals, which makes for an exciting connection. When exploring a romantic connection, the temperature fizzles out slightly because Leo is looking for passion and fire, while Gemini is always looking for something different. Leo takes things slowly, but Gemini prefers a faster pace, so when Gemini suggests speeding things up, Leo reacts fiercely. Leo needs to accept Gemini, although Gemini should be ready to explore traditional romantic suggestions such as giving flowers. Leo is hungry for affection, while Gemini will be required to live up to their needs, although you won’t get sincerity. Therefore, Leo might get impatient, which means that they might need people around them.

Gemini and Virgo ( August 23rd to September 22nd)
What makes Gemini and Virgo a great team is the ability to communicate well. You’re both filled with opinions or ideas, while the intelligence between you ensures that romance comes naturally. Of course, conversations don’t always remain calm, and quickly, they can become fiery. Despite this, you’re both flexible enough to accept the different traits of each other, which works well considering you’re both relatively compulsive and obsessive. Control comes naturally to both; although Gemini will never admit this, Virgo will happily shout this from the rooftops. Together, the planning that Virgo makes and the curiosity that consumes Gemini will mean that you make a mean team. This can be translated into making good parents because you’ll both share the roles and understand each other.

Gemini and Libra (September 23rd to October 22nd)
When you come together, you’ll connect magically, but you’re both extremely mischievous. You enjoy talking about different things, but getting over the honeymoon period or the early stages of your romance proves to be the challenge. As you’re both awful at making decisions, which means committing to anything or agreeing can prove troublesome. However, intimacy is crucial because once you cross that line, you’ll begin to understand what you’re both about. Venus is focused on culture and spending money on fine things, while Gemini prefers to spread their wings, which can cause money to be a problem. The trick to success here is ensuring you both respect the habits of each other, as that will lead to a successful relationship.

Gemini and Scorpio (October 23rd to November 21st)
You’re both completely different, which either makes you incompatible or compatible. You’re both focused on learning about people and then casting them aside, but your foresight means that you cannot work each other out. Scorpio proves to be the complex type, and that makes for a sexual relationship that’s filled with passion and fire. The two signs come together to create an obsessive partnership. You can both go from happy to sad in the flick of a switch, while mind games can prove damaging if they’re allowed to continue for too long. Despite this, together, your strengths work brilliantly together. Gemini is creative, and Scorpio is driven by their instinct. Gemini will always take control, but Scorpio is happy to take a step back.

Gemini and Sagittarius ( November 22nd to December 21st)
These signs are the complete opposite of each other, yet they’re drawn together like a magnet. Gemini brings intellect and common sense, while Sagittarius brings philosophy and a pearl of certain wisdom. You’re both hungry for adventure while curiosity always gets the better of Gemini, although Sagitarrius will always get edgy around commitment. Therefore, you’re both never happy to let boredom take over. Sagittarius enjoys exploring the world while Gemini takes a step back and becomes difficult to read from an emotional perspective. With a blend of fiery tempers and a cool and calm collected approach, you’ll both be committed to exploring a common goal. These visions might be out of your reach, but you might struggle to get there together.

Gemini and Capricorn ( December 22nd to January 19th)
When Gemini and Capricorn come together, it either ends in the perfect relationship or a complete mess. You’re both completely different because Gemini is all about speaking the truth while Capricorn is cautious and trusting. Capricorn will do the hard work while Gemini is too restless to sit still and focus. However, Gemini keeps Capricorn amused while the sexual desire will continue to grow between both of you. Gemini will need to embrace the loyalty that comes with Capricorn, although Gem will always look to push the buttons of Capricorn, which might mean that the relationship requires a lot of work.

Gemini and Aquarius (January 20th to February 18th)
This pairing is easily compatible and can feel much like a youthful romance. You both ease that laid back spirit out of each other, and that works positively towards creating a perfect relationship. You’re both happy and funny, which makes conversations quirky and exciting. Despite this, eventually, you’ll need to explore the problems with intimacy. However, both will be required to continue working together to ensure you become more than just friends. Collectively, you’ll make great long-term partners!

Gemini and Pisces (February 19th to March 20th)
Gemini and Pisces are both afraid of commitment and cannot decide whether to throw everything into the relationship or take a step away. The mood can change daily, but Pisces need care and attention, while Gemini is the type to fly freely across the open skies. The differences between you both will have to be understood and worked around, but Gemini must make an emotional connection to ensure the relationship works.


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