Love Chart for Leo
11 Aug 2021

Love Chart for Leo

If you’re a Leo and looking for romance, you’re probably wondering whether you can use your Zodiac sign to find romance. The good news is that we’ve covered all the signs, helping you to find real romance.

Leo and Aries - March 21st to April 19th
For a relationship that’s packed with adventure and fiery love, then this could be a match. You’re both not satisfied with sitting still, which means conversations and new challenges are something you’re looking for. Every now and again, you both fire off in different directions because arguments are something to expect. However, respect is mutual, and independence is something you both crave, although one cannot steal the limelight from the other. This relationship is about keeping things simple, so don’t bother competing with each other. Let the relationship develop, and things become a lot better. This relationship is all about comfort, so don’t be surprised if the relationship becomes slightly mundane when it comes to the bedroom.

Leo and Taurus - April 20th to May 20th
This relationship is about as balanced as a sumo wrestler walking a tightrope. Despite this, the urge to come together keeps things fiery, especially from a sexual angle. You’re both keen to show off because you’re proud and strong. When things go well, there’s nothing better because you can expect plenty of attention and affection. Together, you both complement each other and enjoy getting out to hit the tiles. Sex is extremely exciting, but there’s one caveat, it’s better when you’re checked in to lavish hotels. With your combined strength and determination, you could take on a small army and come out as a winner. However, expect some big drama because you’re both capable of tearing each other apart like an angry lion.

Leo and Gemini -May 21st to June 20th
Deep conversations are the meeting point in this relationship, so it begins with a strong friendship. Culture is something you love and enjoy, although romance isn’t going to hit the heights that you might expect. Gemini is someone who might like to interrupt you, and when this occurs, things go slightly wild! Love is hardly forthcoming from Gemini, so Leo will have to accept this as the norm. However, Gemini is going to need to talk about the things that Leo wants to hear, although the different personalities of Gemini mean that they can become anyone you want them to be.

Leo and Cancer - June 21st to July 22nd
Cancer is a deep and moody individual, while Leo is very egotistical, which makes this an interesting blend. Both signs have high expectations, while you both love to take control. Cancer takes the attitude that things never work out, so insecurities become an issue, although Leo prefers to take the spotlight; however, you’re both completely different, much like chalk and cheese. While things might seem as though they aren’t quite right, this relationship is about romance; although you’re both extremely emotional, but loyalty is the key to this pairing. For this relationship to survive, you both need to be aware of yourself because being responsible for your actions is crucial.

Leo and Leo - July 23rd to August 22nd
This relationship is packed with pride, although there’s no shortage of passion either. Things pick up pace relatively quickly because you’re both in admiration for each other. You love chatting about everything imaginable, which can lead to fiery conversations, although once things reach their peak, lust takes over. Leos love nothing more than treating others but be careful because there’s a fine line between becoming slightly controlling. The male can become quite happy with allowing the woman to take control, so things can become quite lazy. Despite this, you could become a couple that argues, but you become more committed than a pair of magpies.

Leo and Virgo - August 23rd to September 22nd
Leo expresses a lot of passion, while Virgo is someone who is not taken in by things too easily. This means that Virgo can quickly douse the fiery flames of passion rather quickly. Leo loses confidence around Virgo because they crave encouragement, although Virgo can criticise too much and that forces Leo into his shell. This partnership relies on Virgo’s laid back vibe to become the solid foundations that make a perfect relationship. Leo should become more confident instead of feeling as though they’re being peppered by Virgo’s constant criticism. This relationship is more about living through the good times and the bad times because things even out in the end.

Leo and Libra - September 23rd to October 22nd
Gorgeous looks and gushing charm force this pairing together. During the early days, things become much like a stereotypical romcom, with flowers and boxes of chocolate becoming the norm. On the surface, things are perfect, much like David and Victoria Beckham, so nothing will come between you, or so it seems. Things become different when commitment increases. Things become heated quickly, although if you’ll attempt to skirt around the problems, Leo becomes rather forceful, which doesn’t help the procrastination that Libra commonly enjoys. You’re both capable of demanding more, and that sends this relationship on a rollercoaster of emotions which could mean that friendship could be the better option.

Leo and Scorpio - October 23rd to November 21st
This relationship brings together sexual tension and strong personalities, which indicates that you’re polar opposites. Scorpion prefers to keep things close to their chest, indicating that privacy is something they value. In contrast, Leo is someone who prefers to shout from the rooftops, which makes for a thrilling relationship in the confines of your own home. You create a killer team because you’re both driven and highly focused, but the great thing is that you both don’t fight to take centre stage. Despite this, Leo takes control, while your flirty ways can leave Scorpio feeling jealous.

Leo and Sagittarius - November 22nd to December 21st
If you’re looking for a journey that’s packed with fun and adventure, then this partnership works extremely well. You’re both committed to taking on several challenges and projects simultaneously, which means you both understand each other well. This edgy relationship becomes problematic at times, with money often being the main focus. Leo can become demanding, which doesn’t please Sagittarius, although they do maintain a truthful approach, so they don’t pretend when giving feedback. When Leo gets the attention they desire, their interest remains, and that gives Sagittarius the breathing space they require to do the things they love.

Leo and Capricorn - December 22nd to January 19th
Attraction cannot be denied here, although your egos collide and things go off quicker than a fireworks display on bonfire night. The differences begin with the confidence of Leo and a lack of confidence with Capricorn. Leo is driven and focused, so they refuse to accept challenges that prevent them from getting what they want. Similarly, Capricorn is ambitious but never fancies pushing themselves that one step further, and this does cause problems. Capricorn is only ever interested in what happens between the sheets, while Leo might take this as a relationship that’s turning to love. This relationship becomes solidified for all the wrong reasons, but ultimately, you’ll both end up wondering whether it’s worth it.

Leo and Aquarius - January 20th to February 18th
This is fiercer than an erupting volcano. Leo is someone who needs and craves attention, although Aquarius is always expecting the same, which makes this a competitive pairing. Leo thinks they’re a romantic pro, but things don’t feel that way for Aquarius. Jealousy becomes a real problem because Leo comes across as someone who will flirt with anyone. Leo expects plenty of attention, but Aquarius can feel confined and restricted. While Aquarius is always willing to listen to Leo, they can only take so much.

Leo and Pisces - February 19th to March 20th
Two signs that are poles apart, yet things seem to work exceptionally well. Leo is the confident type, while Pisces is a sensitive soul, which can cause Leo to believe that they’re in control. Together, romance is never lacking, and the passion flows brilliantly well. Pisces prefers secrecy, so when they’re thrust into the limelight, they feel exposed and can then get angry with Leo. Pisces needs to overcome their worries and insecurities, even if Leo does like to steal the show.


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