Love Chart for Sagittarius
13 Dec 2021

Love Chart for Sagittarius

Sagittarius and Aries - March 21st to April 19th
You’re both fiery signs which means that chemistry builds rapidly between the both of you. You both love exploring alone, but lust becomes an integral aspect of this relationship. Your humour is sharp and witty, which means you fully understand each other and the need for space and simplicity. Conversations become crucial because you both love sharing your passion for science and what you want to achieve. Together you become strong, but overthinking can often become a downfall. Aries requires plenty of attention, while this might be challenging because Sagittarius is always looking for something to keep them busy. It’s a strong relationship but one that still walks a tightrope, so be careful!

Sagittarius and Taurus - April 20th to May 20th
A match built on curiosity, but it’s one that requires adapting on both parts. You’re different in what you like, and that can either pull you closer together or push you apart. Taurus is a stickler for routine and safety, so they stick with what they know. In contrast, Sagittarius is a free bird who values friendship and culture. Therefore, this can cause problems for Taurus, who doesn’t want to make friends with everyone but Jealousy can become a problem for both. However, show some respect, and this relationship flourishes while a certain element of playing around together and being mischievous brings you closer together.

Sagittarius and Gemini - May 21st to June 20th
You have lots in common, but your signs are complete opposites, so on paper, this shouldn’t work. Gemini brings common sense to the table as well as an intellectual side. Sagittarius is wise and smart, which means you both find common ground that works! You love adventure and new experiences, and that works to take things to a new level. The curiosity creates excitement and gives this relationship an edge that others are envious of. Gemini prefers space; Sagittarius is more emotional. Thankfully, it rarely causes issues. When you both identify a common goal, things work well, but you’re both undoubtedly committed to each other.

Sagittarius and Cancer - June 21st to July 22nd
You’re both completely different, so you might as well be aliens because you’re not a normal match. Is your relationship a car crash waiting to happen, or will it become real love? Cancer is all about building a home and family that they can protect. In contrast, Sagittarius prefers exploring and adventure, which means that they can feel controlled or smothered by Cancer. That craving for the outdoors and space can cause Sagittarius to wander, which means they might not come home, and that leaves Cancer feeling insecure. Tempers are fiery, but Cancer must respect Sagittarius’ needs to feel the nest but also recognise that they’ll soon return. It’s about adaptation and understanding because they’re key to finding success here.

Sagittarius and Leo - July 23rd to August 22nd
This lively pairing is all about laughter, excitement, and adventure. You both love learning and tackling different projects, which means you often burn the candle at both ends. You’re both very rarely at home, but conversation becomes an integral part of the relationship. Eating out is preferred over ensuring your fridge is stocked with food, and you’d rather spend the evening outdoors when you no longer have clean sheets. When things become stressful, things can become emotionally challenging while Leo craves attention. The spontaneity and understanding at play here can really make this a strong relationship that offers so much more.

Sagittarius and Virgo - August 23rd to September 22nd
Introvert and extrovert, that’s Virgo and Sagittarius, respectively. From an outside perspective, you look like a strange match because Virgo is the one to look smart and while Sagittarius is one who resembles a hippy. Despite this, you’re both smart and clever and love long and intense conversations. Virgo remains organized, and together you wonder about the meaning of life and even look at friends from a different perspective. The talk is a front because behind the scenes; you’re completely different. Virgo likes to listen, although they very rarely share how they are feeling, and this leaves Sagittarius feeling frustrated. Together you become a caring couple who understand the differences and their importance.

Sagittarius and Libra - September 23rd to October 22nd
You love laughing and having fun, helping to solidify your relationship through friendship. You enjoy watching the world go by and make each other laugh by discussing the things you see. Libra is the romantic type, so expect flowers while Sagittarius has tougher thicker skin, and these differences can cause problems. Before taking action, Libra likes to take theory time, but this frustrates Sagittarius. Libra is lavish and prefers to spend money, while Sag is more frugal and money-smart. Yes, these differences cause cracks, the friendship papers over them and make this genuine relationship.

Sagittarius and Scorpio - October 23rd to November 21st
The danger is the common theme here because, without it, you probably wouldn’t look twice at each other. You both share strong willpower, which is enough to power a small town, but this brings you closer together. Scorpio is all about power and ruling, while Sagittarius is happy to let the sexual attraction take hold, and this creates something truly fiery in the bedroom. You’re always looking to have the last say, and you both believe you’re smarter than most of the people out there. Your friendship makes you a team of comrades, but when problems arise, the bedroom becomes the peacemaker.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius - November 22nd to December 21st
Finally, you’ve discovered someone much like you. This might seem great, but it can actually prove boring. This strange pairing actually becomes something you both mutually understand, and it works. You’re both adventurous, so you’re happy to take wrong turns and find out where it takes you. A predictable life puts fear into you, and that’s what brings you together. Without this, you both feel useless and hopeless, but there’s plenty of laughter to find here, and you’ll discover so much about each other. The relationship is built on dedication, and you’ll both be there to support each other. So, when you take that next step on your next journey, you’ll be together, regardless of where the tide takes you.

Sagittarius and Capricorn - December 22nd to January 19th
Bringing your strengths together is the deal-breaker here. Sagittarius is the optimistic type, while Capricorn likes to make things happen. You both find momentum when one needs support, and that’s where you become something more meaningful. Despite this, your lifestyles can prove extremely different, and that can make it look like the criminal dating the supermodel. Sagittarius needs someone to dream with them, but Capricorn will often find weaknesses in these dreams. However, the reality is the saving grace, and that helps love to bloom and grow. It’s all about acceptance and understanding, but it’s also about exploring risks and adventures to determine what this relationship is all about.

Sagittarius and Aquarius - January 20th to February 18th
You’re both like wide-winged Eagles soaring freely, and that makes you ideal for a relationship together. This is more about friendship and benefits than a loving relationship, but that’s no bad thing. Independence is something you both crave, and everything seems perfect, but then one hint at commitment, and everything changes. However, you both stay loyal, even though the boundaries of the relationship are blurred. It always feels as though love is always in the way, but that is something you both embrace. So, taking things further is more of an obligation than a mutual choice. However, with the relationship solidified, that excitement that once existed is stripped away, so it’s time to find new adventures together in order to rekindle that intimacy.

Sagittarius and Pisces - February 19th to March 20th
Pisces is the sensitive aspect of this relationship, while Sag is insensitive, making you both completely different. Unless you can both understand each other, things aren’t going to start well, so it’s about building a bond with mutual understanding. Pisces is a true romantic who looks for that emotional connection, but Sag is someone who might feel as though they are being smothered. As a result, communication is crucial, although Pisces can often become passive-aggressive, although Sag doesn’t always see this. Commitment is something that concerns both of you, and this is the common ground that brings you closer together. You both enjoy adventure, and that works to help strengthen your relationship.


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