Love Chart for Virgo
08 Sep 2021

Love Chart for Virgo

Looking for love and want to know how to find the perfect match? We have all heard of our Zodiac signs, but which ones are right for us and which ones should we avoid? We have made a guide for you, so you can work out who could be the perfect fit for you.

Virgo and Aries - March 21st to April 19th
You'll instantly recognise that this relationship has a real feel to it. It's as if fate has brought you together. Aries seeks out the opportunity to spread their wings but cannot resist Virgo, although Aries will look to make Virgo a home bird, so a touch of cabin fever could be on the cards! The main feature of this relationship is the desire for both to make the other one right, you're fixers, and nothing can change that. The relationship starts off perfect, and there's plenty of passion, although this eventually slows down. Virgo becomes critical although the criticism is given with good intentions but then who cares which way round Aries puts the milk in the fridge?

Virgo and Taurus - April 20th to May 20th
You both recognise that you're equally as sophisticated as each other. You're considered a nice couple who follow traditions that are considered old-fashioned. The home you create could be considered perfect, although Virgo likes neatness and order, which can cause Taurus problems. Taurus can become direct, and they can be quite ferocious when things upset them, but Virgo soon loosens up and takes a new approach to how they view themselves. Taurus can be quite gung-ho spending money like it's water, but Virgo is sensible enough to stop them in their tracks. If both take an open approach, things will be exciting and intriguing.

Virgo and Gemini - May 21st to June 20th
Communication is the driving factor behind this relationship. You could both talk the hind legs off a donkey, but that's a good thing. However, be prepared for debates when these conversations pick up steam and become faster than a Japanese bullet train. You're both relatively flexible, which means that you understand each other's traits. Everything about this relationship is governed by control because it's something you both crave. Therefore, you often grapple with becoming the dominant one, although Virgo enjoys specific planning while curiosity often gets ahold of Gemini, although the combination works well. Whether one is too serious and the other gets distracted easily, you work, and that's good enough.

Virgo and Cancer - June 21st to July 22nd
Companionship and friendship go hand in hand here because Virgo likes to help and care while Cancer likes to nurture. The connection is an emotional one and something that happens instantly, which means that you become soul mates. The relationship resembles that of a fairy-tale which can feel almost teenage-like, but that's no bad thing. Furthermore, you're both smart because you're the type to save for a rainy day, and you both crave security too. Whether it's cooking, reading or creating a perfect home, you're both on the same page. You're both committed to spending time with family, but once you're both behind closed doors, you get on perfectly, and that includes in the bedroom!

Virgo and Leo - July 23rd to August 22nd
You can expect fireworks and a fiery relationship here as Leo likes to take control, although Virgo quickly looks to calm things down. Around Virgo, Leo is like a darted lion because they're subdued and quiet, but this is because Leo craves praise and acknowledgement from Virgo. However, Leo should consider the nurturing side of Virgo as a positive and look at it as the main foundation for a beautiful relationship. These two signs are completely opposite, although you both should understand that life is for living, so it's time to let your hair down and party, well, kind of!

Virgo and Virgo - August 23rd to September 22nd
Get together with each other, and you'll both be seeking control. You both crave privacy and living a life that's organised which means that you might be better spending less time together, or you will spend each day nagging each other. However, there is the chance for you to grow closer to each other because you're both grounded. Sophistication is something you both ooze because you're taken in by fine wines and decadent dishes because you love how things are made and what they mean. As a clever pairing, follow your heart and passion, and things will fall into place.

Virgo and Libra - September 23rd to October 22nd
This pairing could work exceptionally well because you both offer something to one another. Virgo always takes a slow and cautious approach to life, while Libra can become demanding, which means he gets what he wants. When things become challenging, Libra calms things down and helps Virgo to overcome their anxieties. Collectively, mixing socially is something you both embrace while you're sophisticated enough to enjoy fine art and museums. Your home will be spotlessly clean if Virgo takes control, although the decor will be equally as immense if Libra is given free rein. So, this will take some work, but surely that's expected?

Virgo and Scorpio - October 23rd to November 21st
Both of you are completely understanding of what you need to keep you occupied. You're both on the money and never miss a trick while your conversations can prove deep and meaningful. You can both become obsessed, and that would often push people apart, but it keeps you engaged. At times, privacy becomes something you both need, which means that mutual respect is always present. Spending time outdoors might be a good tonic for times when things turn sour, although in the bedroom, you both lust after each other, although Scorpio does like to dominate! A great friendship is created here, and that makes you great partners.

Virgo and Sagittarius - November 22nd to December 21st
You're both completely different because Virgo is an introvert while Sagittarius is an extrovert. However, this can work well because you both become understanding and respectful of these personality traits. Sagittarius likes to feel free and easy, while Virgo likes to stand out and look the part. However, you love long and meaningful conversations, and you often wonder what life really means. The way of human interaction fascinates you both, but your lifestyles are poles apart, which means you'll both need to make small changes. Often, Virgo likes to squirrel themselves away, which can cause Sagittarius to feel lonely, but Sagittarius needs to understand that this is how it must be. However, eventually, Sagittarius can teach Virgo how to relax and enjoy life while taking risks.

Virgo and Capricorn - December 22nd to January 19th
Together, you seemingly make a perfect partnership because you are passionate and sensual. You bring out the better characteristics of each other, but Capricorn can become controlled by Virgo. Anxiety can take hold of Virgo, but Capricorn manages to pull them from those deep and dark places. Naturally, you're both the type to take care of people, which includes friends and family. Should you agree to the marriage, then things will become extremely successful because you're both calm and natural around each other. You really will make a good team, which means you could take on the world!

Virgo and Aquarius - January 20th to February 18th
You're a strange couple because it's going to take time for you both to learn about each other. Virgo is the judgemental type and can often overthink things, while Aquarius is carefree and easy-going. How you live your lives is completely different, although you do work well together in some ways. Virgo prefers to slip away and spend time alone, while Aquarius likes to be the centre of attention. Caring for others is something you both embrace, and if you both have a common goal, then you're likely to succeed. Therefore, you should look to start a business together or an adventure because you'll need it.

Virgo and Pisces - February 19th to March 20th
Virgo takes a tactical approach to relationships which means that they can see how things will work out. In contrast, Pisces likes to care for others, although Virgo isn't the kind to accept the caring from Pisces. However, Pisces does teach Virgo to relax and take it easy because being more accepting is a great trait to have. You're both creative types and need something more when it comes to reconnecting. Essentially, you'll need to communicate honestly and openly to ensure that everything is laid out on the table.


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