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Top 7 online dating profile mistakes singles make

3 Jul 2014

Online dating is undoubtedly massive right now. With so many UK singles now using dating sites to find love, it can be hard to make your dating profile stand out from the rest. I know writing about yourself is cringey. Yes, it’s difficult. But don’t sell yourself short on dating sites. It only takes about 10 minutes to create a great profile, well worth the investment when you think of the potential rewards! If you are going to bother to join an online dating site do it properly – please!

I may not be able to give you an example of the perfect dating profile that will attract thousands of singles (if I knew that I’d do it myself) but I can point out some definite no no’s. So read carefully and check your online dating profile pronto. If you have ever asked the question “Why am I not getting any attention on my profile?” here is why…

Dating profile mistake #1: Posting a bad picture

Good profile images are THE most important thing on your online dating profile. Firstly, if you don’t upload a photo you won’t even show up in 95% of online dating searches. Why? It’s really no surprise that singles search for profiles and tick the box ‘with images only’, as they want to see what you look like. Your photo is what draws people in and makes them click to read more. It won’t even matter if you have the best profile text in the world laced with wit and humour – if you have a poor image it won’t ever be read.

Now, you may have been the Johnny Depp or Angelina Jolie of your time and that’s great but old pictures are a big no no! Other singles want to see what you look like now, not 10 years ago. Same goes for badly cropped pictures or poor quality ones that have been taken on your mobile phone. Your dating profile picture is the first thing that will attract other singles to your page, so it needs to be a good quality picture that is recent.

Always add more than one photo so people can get a sense of who you are. Your main image should be a clear, smiling headshot. It’s a great idea to add additional images which say something about you. Let me explain. Guys, if you are into outdoor activities like rowing, cycling, skiing etc why not upload an action shot? Showing you are an active person will likely draw single women with a similar outlook. Fun holiday snaps are also good – they are a great conversation starter for singles who love travelling. You will be surprised at how much attention you will get with a decent set of pictures.

Dating profile mistake #2: Posting too much/ too little information

I understand that you want other singles to know as much about you as possible, but sometimes some details can be left out. I don’t need to know your pet’s name, your favourite colour, what you had for your dinner last night, who your neighbours are etc. All this can be figured out when you meet up for a date and a little mystery is always appealing.

Same goes for not putting enough information on your profile. This can deter anyone from contacting you. One worded answers about yourself are not enough; e.g. Likes: stuff Looking for: anything Dislikes: a lot. Doesn’t really say what type of person you are does it? You need to make other singles interested by describing yourself as best you can without going overboard. If you have a good image but little or no text, it will make it hard for other singles to start a conversation. At the bare minimum list some of your interests – how do you spend your Sundays? What are you passionate about? Other singles want to picture doing these things with you, so give them a reason to get in touch. When you reveal your interests in your dating profile you have lots of conversation starters.

Dating profile mistake #3: Stating what you don’t want

Most singles list what they don’t want out of a possible love interest, so they don’t get time wasters. ‘Smokers, drinkers, liars and cheats need not apply.’ Don’t focus on what you don’t want, it can come across negative. Listing your exes flaws out can also signify to other singles you are bitter with baggage. Focus on the positives instead - what you do want in someone. This way you will attract the right single guys/girls you want to your dating profile page. Simple!

Dating profile mistake #4: Bad grammar

This has to be the biggest online dating pet peeve out there. It makes such a difference to your profile, I cannot stress this enough. I certainly wouldn’t take a second look at a profile that had bad grammar or even silly acronyms like; LOL GSOH, soz, 2morro. Bad grammar and punctuation can change a whole profile meaning. For instance: Likes; eating children and jogging. Reads completely different without a simple comma right?! I don’t think I would like to date anyone who likes eating children and going for a jog after . A keen eye is important in any dating profile to avoid mistakes and misinterpretation. The extra minute it takes is well worth it and with all the spellcheck tools out there you have no excuse!

Dating profile mistake #5: Don’t use a boring username

This is the first thing that other singles will see along with our profile picture when they are searching through the thousands of online dating profiles. You need to stand out from the other dating profiles. Something like Zoey111 or Zoey_23 isn’t very original and hasn’t really taken much thought has it? Think of something unique, something about your personality or a feature of yours etc. Something that makes you different. Nothing too out there though. Choosing a good username will show you’ve thought about it and took your time. With your unique username you are bound to attract more attention that something boring or plain.

Dating profile mistake #6: Don’t be generic

Do you like going out and also staying in? Great, so does 99.9% of the rest of the population. Are you one of the many single women who refers to herself as ‘bubbly and fun’? It gets a bit repetitive reading these phrases again and again, even if they are true. It’s much better to try and show your qualities instead of listing them. If you are funny and witty, show it in your writing instead of saying ‘I am funny and witty’. Finally, single guys should never say ‘I am just an average guy who..’. No single women wants to be average or date average. Ever! Come on guys, try a bit harder please.

Dating profile mistake #7: Writing what you think others want to read

Have you tweaked your age or height because you think the ‘new you’ will appeal more to other singles? *Reality flash* when you meet in real life you won’t fool anyone. Same goes with listing qualities which are the person you want to be. Sure, you don’t need to list that you bite your nails, gorge on ice-cream and once got into a drunken bar fight. But be honest. If you haven’t been for a jog in 2 years don’t list jogging as one of your interests. For any relationship to work you need 100% honesty. And if you aren’t honest with yourself and others on your dating profile you are doomed from the start.

So folks, are you guilty of any of these common online dating profile blunders? They can easily be changed with a click of the mouse. Come on, make your online dating profile the best it can be and stand out from the crowd.

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Happy dating!


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