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Online dating tips

27 May 2016
We asked our ‘Date Whisperer’ Dani to give us her all-time top 3 online dating tips. Dani has done a load of online dating herself and regularly chats about the topic with the guests at her singles events. She readily admits having a love/hate relationship with online dating! Her top tips include:

1. Meet in person for a short date as quickly as possible.
Dating in real life is very different than online dating. Nothing beats face to face chemistry so meet up ASAP! A quick coffee or drink is ideal, save grand gestures for later dates.

2. Get a good photo. No wait, get a GREAT photo.
No selfies, no blurry/poor quality shots, and no nudie pics! A smiley head and shoulders shot is perfect. Add additional images to give clues about your personality – think travel snaps or active pics. There is no excuse for a bad profile image so get snapping.

3. Don’t be blah.
If I read another generic online dating profile I might have to jump out of a window. Don’t say you’re witty, SHOW it by writing a witty profile. Avoid phrases like: ‘I like going out and staying in’ ‘I like a glass of wine in the evening’ ‘I like hanging out with my friends’ SAID EVERYONE EVER. Don’t forget to check your spelling and grammar, it’s a major put off and one of the most common pet peeves of daters.

Keep an eye out for Dani at our speed dating London events, she’ll happily give you tips on the night!

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