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Online dating trends – knowing when to call it quits!

31 Oct 2017

Let’s start off with a cold, hard fact. Dating is HARD. Whether you are an absolute hunk, a successful lawyer or a creative writer, we are all in the same boat when it comes to dating. And the main problem? It’s only getting harder! With most dating now being done from behind screens, it can be hard to tell what people really mean when they message you, so here’s a few things to look out for….

Haunting: Ever been on a few dates with someone you weren’t really interested in and they suddenly seem to follow you on instagram, twitter and have viewed your linkedin profile a few times? Then you my friend are being haunted. They don’t do this because they just want to be friends, they are doing this in the hopes that something will materialise from it. So save yourself and them a lot of pain and just delete them!

Curving: This is when you are chatting to someone, but every time you ask them a question about themselves, they always seem to reply with a question about you. Sometimes this can be quite nice, but when this is happening every single time, you can end up realising that you know very little about them. The simple truth is they are doing this to avoid any attempt to define your relationship or provide any level of commitment. So it’s time to move on and stop your wasting time!

And finally…

Benching: You’ve had a few dates with someone and you think this could potentially go somewhere. You’re messaging all the time, but for some reason they just won’t arrange another date. This is called benching. What’s really happening is they are seeing someone else they are more in to but it’s not that serious yet and so they are keeping you on the side just in case things don’t go their way. So run. Get away as fast as you can!

Dating is effort but you know what? When you do manage to find that special someone, I can promise you it will be worth it. So don’t waste your time on all these other people, stand firm, and if you don’t think they are pulling their weight, then move on! You never know what possibilities might open up if you do.

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