Pets and Dating - How Pets Can Help You Find Love?
22 Jul 2021

Pets and Dating - How Pets Can Help You Find Love?

Pets have the ability to bring people together. Whether it’s walking the dog or sharing your passion for tropical fish, this common interest and passion gives you something to share with other people. The reality is that many people believe that having a pet can add a certain level of attractiveness to someone, and owning a dog is considered to be the pet that heightens attractiveness even further!

Another thing that many people consider attractive is the way in which people take care of their pets because this might indicate how they will care for people when in a relationship. So, how can having a pet help you find love and demonstrate how good of a partner you are?

People Believe That It’s Sexy to Own a Pet
While some people consider looks and personality as a way of identifying if someone is sexy, there are those who consider owning a pet as being sexy. No, really! So, if your love life has been seriously lacking and you cannot work out why then it could be the perfect opportunity to purchase a dog!

This might seem completely crazy, but singles actually find people who own a dog to be more attractive than those who don’t own one. In fact, the figure could be as high as 60%, which means that 6 out of 10 people find people who own a pet attractive. To add to this revelation, if you own a dog, then you could have people falling at your feet and competing for your attention! Things get better because dog owners are more likely to feel attracted to individuals who also own a dog - this sounds like the perfect match!

Don’t despair if you don’t have a dog waiting for you at home because lady luck is still on your side. It’s not all about the dogs because cats can also offer a glimmer of hope when it comes to love. Sure, you’re not as likely to walk a cat, which means you’re not openly displaying the fact that you’re a cat owner, and fur on your coat sure is a sign that you own a pet, but we’re doubting if it’s an attractive one. Despite this, casually mention that you have a cat, and 11% of singles are going to fall for you. In fact, have a dog, and a cat, and your love life is going to go wild!

It’s All About Pets!
So, you thought owning a pet was about fulfilling your needs to embrace having an animal to love and care for. However, you probably never realised that having a pet would give you some serious kudos in the dating world!

So, the figures stand firm, which means owning a pet, and you’ll instantly become 60% more attractive. Furthermore, imagine if you hooked up with someone who didn’t like your pet? Maybe you thought your pet would never come between you and a loved one, but that’s not the case! In fact, 83% of dog owners wouldn’t think twice about breaking up with someone if they disliked their pooch. Cat owners are slightly more forgiving because only 42% would end a relationship if their partner didn’t like their pet. So, how can you help your pet make you become more attractive?

Go to an Event with Your Pet
This goes against all of the traditional dating rules. After all, going to the singles event is about putting yourself back on the dating map, so why would you include your pet? After all, this isn’t Crufts, and you’re desperately trying to bag a date!

However, you can give your image a boost by showing up to a, say, picnic with your Rex, Clifford or any other pooch, but only if they are trained and won’t poop in other people’s food, of course. Sometimes, it’s not just about you, and this clearly indicates how people process their emotions and feelings for their potential partners. So, add in your dog, and you can appeal to around 68% more people who’ll walk to you to introduce themselves to your cute furball and would simultaneously get to know its master.

Want to go one step further? Select a specific speed dating event that not only allows pets but welcomes them! This way, you can find a partner for yourself AND for your furry friend, so there’s a potential double date incoming, and who can refuse that? Well… Actually, there are some folks.

Should Your Pet Become a Part of the Process?
Don’t get carried away just yet, and start pruning and grooming your dog in readiness for a photo shoot to look more appealing on a social media, speed dating event or to take on your next date. While singles might appreciate pet owners more than those who don’t own pets, it doesn’t give you carte blanche to invite your pet to tag along to your date. Take your dog to date, and you’re quite likely to have the opposite effect because 68% of people would consider it off-putting. However, the remaining singles would consider it cute. Take your chances at your peril, though! You can use your buddy to get some attention, but do not let it shift the focus from your potential relationship.

While your pet won’t get a formal invite to your date, once you begin dating, it’s probably quite important to inform your partner that you really do love your pet. In fact, you probably should lay this on thick because they need to know that certain circumstances might make your pet a priority, such as when a pet becomes ill. This is because 68% of people state that they would postpone a date in order to remain at home to care for their pet.

Will the Pet Have a View on Your Relationship?
Having a conversation with your pet is a one-way street. They can’t respond or answer your queries, yet they might influence the direction of a relationship. This is because the way in which a pet reacts to a new person could clearly identify that there could either be problems ahead or relationship bliss.

Those people who own dogs are more likely to choose their pet over someone else. If a partner took a dislike to their dog, then almost 85% of people would instantly show them the door. The same can be said for cat owners, although the percentage is lower. Furthermore, should the dog react to their partner negatively, 32% would close the relationship down.

Does How Your Pet Show What Kind of Partner You’ll Be?
Owning pets and publicly showing your affection can actually tell people more about you. Loving your dog comes easily to you, but many people consider the affection you show as an indication of whether you’re likely to be caring in a relationship. In fact, almost 80% of singles will use your behaviour around your pet as a way of determining whether you’re a worthwhile relationship investment.

Essentially, owning and caring for a pet requires an element of selflessness. It requires dedication, care and commitment, things that are important in a relationship.

So, if you’re someone who owns a pet and is single, it could be time to use them to your advantage! Try to attend a pet-friendly singles event and see where it goes from there.

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