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20 Jan 2020

Quiz Dating Events in London | Speeddater.co.uk

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. What’s the Format for Quiz Dating
  3. How Quiz Dating Works
    3.1 How long does the event take?
    3.2 How long do the rounds take?
    3.3 How many people participate?
  4. Quiz Dating Questions
  5. Upcoming Quiz Dating Events


Quiz dating events are a special type of dating experience that we offer at Speed Dater. These types of nights are very different in the way that they are prepared and layed out to other normal speed dating events. If you are interested in meeting someone whilst also being involved in a fun night, full of questions, competitiveness and laughter, then you should keep reading. This article will explain the ins and outs of this style of event and what is to be expected when you attend.

What's the Format for Quiz Dating?

Quiz dating has a very different format to any other speed dating events that we do. The host will register everyone as usual, giving them name badges. Once everyone has arrived, men and women will be divided into equal groups; these groups will be your team for the night so make sure you have a chat with them before the competitiveness arises. Maybe you’ll be in a team who scores high, so definitely get to know them. The host will divide the night into rounds which will test different parts of your brain on topics of their choice. The usual topics are current affairs, sports, history and general knowledge but it normally depends on the person hosting as they will come up with all the questions.

How Quiz Dating Works

It works in a way like no other event with no one-on-one conversations or time limit, but don’t worry, if you attend one of our speed quiz nights, you will have a chance to talk to the other single guys and girls in your team and also after the event is done.

How Long Does the Event Take?

A quiz dating night takes around the same time as the usual speed dating sessions, with sign in at 7pm, with the questions commencing at 7:30, the event is always due to run until 9:30. This means that the event will run for 2 and a half hours, with a break included.

How long do the rounds take?

The length of rounds depends on the amount of questions in a round, the amount of people, members in a group and how long the host decides to give the teams to answer the questions. Rounds usually take around 20 minutes, but this definitely could vary depending on the factors above.

How many people participate?

Our Quiz dating events accommodate up to 20 people. The host prefers when there are more people because it can make the event more varied and to bring a wide range of people together with different perspectives and knowledge on a variety of topics.

Quiz Dating Questions

The type of quiz questions that would be asked at a quiz dating event will vary depending on what the host wants to do.. However, there are definitely some more popular topics:

General Knowledge

General knowledge is a mix of information that has been put together over time. They could be about history, geography, music etc. These quiz questions aren’t meant to be easy, and if you know them, you know them. Types of questions in a general knowledge round could be:

  • How many continents are there?
  • When did the first Afghan war take place?
  • What are the dimensions of the Basketball Court in the Olympics and world Tournaments?


Sport is a very widely used topic, because everyone knows a little about at least one sport. Questions are usually about the Olympics, football or rugby but can go as far as ice hockey! Here are three examples of questions that you could ask whilst hosting an event:

  • Which country held the first Olympic Games?
  • How many minutes in a rugby match?
  • What is the German fitness method that has become really popular recently?

Music round

This could be either a music question round or a special round called Guess that Tune. A general music round could include questions from different music eras, genres and all about songs:

  • Who was the main rap artist in the film 8 mile?
  • Who sang the classic hit ‘Ring of Fire’?
  • What song and artist was No 1 in the UK charts in 2010?

Guess That Tune is a round in which the teams will listen to a snippet of a song and have to reciprocate it, guessing the name of the song and the artist/band singing it and reciprocate it. This can be really tricky, but some can be easy, especially if you know your music! The tunes are chosen by the host and there is actually a playlist called ‘Guess That Tune’ on spotify to give you inspiration if you ever wanted to host an event and include this exciting round. A few of the songs included are:

  • Jammin by Bob Marley
  • Faith by George Michael
  • Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond
  • Dancing in the Moonlight by Toploader


This round will include questions relating to all things tv, film and celebrities. This is probably the second best round after guess that tune, people are usually excited about the entertainment and music round the most. Let’s just hope your host has some great songs and entertainment questions lined up! Here are some examples of questions:

  • What was the name of John Wayne’s last movie?
  • Who won the Oscar for male actor in a leading role in 2019?
  • In which tv programme would you find the characters Marge, Homer, Bart and Lisa?

Other topics

Sometimes, the quizzes are themed which means that the topic will relate closely to that theme and not anything else. For example, at Christmas, we, here at Speed Dater had a christmas themed night where all the questions were centered around christmas, including questions about christmas movies, songs and traditions. Sometimes hosts will pick more specific themes or topics like a current affairs quiz, UK or politics.

Upcoming Quiz Dating Events

Exciting news! We have some quiz nights coming up. Unfortunately, we are only running these events nin London at the moment.

The first being on the 28th of January at The Driver in London

More details of the event

If you can’t come to that one, well don’t fret, we host them every month and the next one is on the 25h February!

More details of the event

So that means that the next one is in March... If you’re looking to attend one of these events in March then join us on the 24th for a night full of fun:

More details of the event

The event in March is also currently on an early bird sale, so if you’re unable to attend the other two quiz dating nights that are coming up, this one will give you cheaper tickets for booking early. So move quickly, this offer is only available for a certain amount of time. Conclusion Here at Speed Dater, we hope that you now know the ins and outs to a quiz dating event, the format and what to expect when you attend one. These events are very fun and different to our normal speed dating, you will most definitely like our quiz dating events. We provide a trained and prepared host who has been given instructions on how the event runs smoothly and ensuring that everyone is having a good time. If you have read this article and want to attend one of our quiz dating events, who wouldn’t?! Then you can find them on our website under the event option: quiz night speed dating.


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