10 date ideas from the comfort of your own home
01 Sep 2016

10 date ideas from the comfort of your own home

September is here (!), and you’re looking for some early autumn date ideas to beat the post-holiday blues. Luckily, there are loads of ways to enjoy date night whatever the season, right from the comfort of your own home! Whether you’ve been shacking up since Brexit or clung through all 6 seasons of Game of Thrones together, we’ve got 10 stay-home date ideas that you and your partner will love:

Movie night, but not as you know it…
Theme it! Don costumes, throw together a feast and put your feet up. I definitely recommend watching Lord of the Rings whilst wearing Gandalf beards and drinking beer out of tankards. Not that I’ve done this regularly or anything…

Mini drinks tasting
Grab a selection of unusual spirits (preferably excavated from a cupboard stocking ‘assorted drinks’ from 3 Christmases ago) and pour out small measures to taste. Others might call this ‘doing shots’ but actually this a first class homemade drinks tasting date.

Build a blanket fort... then play in it
No this is not a joke, and no you are not too old. Grab any sheets/blankets/pillows from around the house and let loose your architectural creativity on an adult sized blanket fort *exclusively for grown-ups*. Once you’ve had SO MUCH FUN building it, stuff it full of pillows and fairy lights and chill in it. It’s a lovely setting for sharing secrets/life dreams/rude jokes!

If you’re feeling comfortable enough with your date, then karaoke is always a great laugh. Best enjoyed a few drinks in!

Cook together
Make something messy but simple like homemade pizzas or pancakes – they’re the least likely to cause kitchen related stress! Enjoy them by candlelight – no fancy clothes required and no bill at the end of the date.

Video game night
Add a competitive edge to your date with video games that you can play together. Anything that involves racing is always a good laugh!

Floor picnic
Evenings based around food are always a winner. Head to your local shop and buy loads of party food – cook it all up and have a picnic on the floor of your lounge! Party hats are a must, of course.

Turn up the romance with some star gazing. All you need is a blanket and a garden (probably not an option if you live in London, unless you want to play “look at the sta.. oh wait it’s a plane.”) If you get cold it’s a great excuse to cuddle.

Play ‘would you rather’
Especially great for the early days, when you’re still learning about each other. Guaranteed to have you both laughing!

Nerf gun war
If you own Nerf guns, you’ve probably already done this; if you don’t, go and buy 2! Paint war stripes on your faces and battle it out – all rooms are in play!

If none of these tickled your fancy or you’d rather head out than stay at home, check out all the other fab date ideas we’ve come up with – just click here.

That’s all for now,
Sophie x

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