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The best things about being single

15 Sep 2014

What does single mean, well when you look it up in the dictionary it says; “unmarried or not involved in a stable relationship” Yes you haven’t got a boyfriend. Do you cry yourself to sleep about it like everyone thinks you do? NO you don’t! Fed up of everyone asking “Are you still single?” YES! The truth is being single can actually be a great thing. Why you ask? Well let me show you the best things about being single.

# Miss Independent:

You can do your own thing and don’t have to worry about letting someone know where you are, what you are up to or what time you will be home at. Long gone are the days of having to go see your boyfriends favoured team play and pretending you had a good time. Bliss

# Miss lazy

If you want to have a pyjama and junk food day and watch the whole box set of True Blood or Twilight then you can. Sleep in until 1pm, hell yeah, and finally having a whole bed to yourself and not having someone moan at you for stealing all the covers

#Miss sociable

You can make as much time as you want to go out socialising with friends. Go out on as many girlie nights and dance the night away and flirt with whoever you want just because you can. You certainly won’t be the person who calls it a night

#Miss Au-natural

Fancy a no makeup or shaving day, yeah why not! We all know how much of a chore it can be to put make up on or shave our legs, but when you are single you can afford to miss a couple of days shaving. Is it going to hurt anyone? No, as long as you’re not wearing a dress ladies

#Miss Me me me

The only person you have to think about is yourself. No having to think about your partner’s feelings or having to buy gifts for him, may I add this has to be the hardest thing to do! You do what you want to do without having to answer to someone. If you want to buy that designer bag, you go ahead and buy it!

I believe that some people see being single as a bad thing. The truth is there are countless positives about being single. More than I have listed above. Enjoy being single it’s a great time in your life.

Until next time

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