The Love Chart for Pisces - What Does it All Mean?
25 Mar 2021

The Love Chart for Pisces - What Does it All Mean?

If you’re a Pisces and follow your horoscope, then you’re going to wonder how compatible you are with other star signs. Horoscope compatibility might be a mystery to many, but if you’re the type to care about these special connections, then it’s time to consider your horoscope compatibility by birthdate.

Pisces and Aries - March 21 to April 19

The first sign to consider is Aries, but these two signs couldn’t be any further apart or close together. However, despite the differences in polar positions, you’re likely to discover that horoscope signs actually indicate that your a closer match than you might think.

As a Pisces, love is your thing, and Aries wants love and adoration, although your Aries is likely to want the freedom while you’re the type who prefers to take care of things at home. Aries wants control while confidence is lacking for Pisces, which means the relationship will require work, but it’s manageable with the right communication.

Pisces and Taurus - April 20 to May 20

Both are seeking pleasure, and this emotion brings you closer together. You both love indulging in fine things, making you a couple based around sophistication. Conversation flows brilliantly while Taurus loves to indulge in the requirements of Pisces in the bedroom. It’s likely that Pisces will attempt to assert their control, although Taurus is seeking honesty and integrity. Therefore, this relationship requires an understanding before it flourishes!

Pisces and Gemini - May 21 to June 20

When we consider these two signs, indications suggest that Pisces might be afraid of commitment. However, Gemini has the potential to be a tough lover who’s seeking control. With these differences clearly apparent, it’s going to require balance and understanding, which is much like any relationship. As Pisces is emotions and Gemini is smart, the differences are likely to force you apart, yet honesty and respect promises to bring you closer together. We can’t say those two horoscope signs are amazingly compatible, but they have potential.

Pisces and Cancer - June 21- July 22

Beneath the bravado, both are soft and caring. When time is spent together, you’ll discover a great level of compatibility with a compassionate and sensitive undertone bringing you closer. Both are romantic and enjoy building up suspense, seeing the relationship as a place to escape. Despite this, work is required to ensure that the relationship doesn’t become constrained, although all emotions and feelings are accepted and managed with ease. While being passive-aggressive is a trait of both, learning how to handle that emotion is crucial. These two horoscope signs are hugely compatible and are likely to become a solid relationship long into the future.

Pisces and Leo - July 23 to August 22

On the surface, these two signs are miles apart, but a long-term relationship can be formed and embraced. Pisces is seeking a partner who is decisive while the Leo is bursting with confidence. While Pisces spends time exploring and sharing their needs, the Leo will consider this as their opportunity to take control. However, it requires an open understanding to become one and appreciate each other. Romance is a hot trend, and passion is never-ending, although often, Pisces is likely to feel exposed, which leads to feelings of frustration. While it’s clear that Leo is cool and calm, they will give you the opportunity to shine, and that’s what makes this a relationship that can work; the result is the great horoscope compatibility by a birthdate.

Pisces and Virgo - August 23 to September 22

Every Virgo is someone who is looking to heal and provide answers, but these two horoscope signs understand the meaning of healing. While Virgo looks to heal, Pisces looks to help, and both can work together brilliantly well. Virgo will go above and beyond to give and care, although receiving is a challenge for them. Despite this, Pisces will show Virgo how to love and embrace the feelings and emotions of others.

Despite this, it’s likely that Virgo will become overwhelmed, so carrying out something creative can warm the soul and soothe your relationship. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that communication forms a part of the relationship to ensure you don’t drive you apart.

Pisces and Libra - September 23 to October 22

Two highly sexual and committed signs whereby you’ll find yourselves gelling and coming together with ease. Passion and intrigue drive this romance will drive this relationship, and this entire arrangement will very dreamlike and poetic. Pleasure and gratification eclipses all boundaries, although things can change quickly, which means that balance is required to ensure you find success. This requires you both to reduce the level of commitment and ensure you both become familiar with what makes you tick in a positive way.

Pisces and Scorpio - October 23 to November 21

The Pisces horoscope and the Scorpio horoscope feel connected. They love sophisticated arts and dream with the relationship acting like an anchor to keep you firmly connected with what matters. Despite this, bumps in the road are likely to be caused by secretive personalities. While both can prove moody, the aim is to ensure the moodiness is identified early and nipped in the bud to prevent further problems. While you’ll both be committed to having the same thing, it’s all about giving and taking.

Pisces and Sagittarius - November 22 to December 21

Sensitivity and insensitivity come together here, with Pisces being the one to be sensitive and caring. Therefore, you’re both going to need to understand each other and take caution. As a Pisces, you’re likely to want to bond on an emotional level, while showing too much can cause Sagittarius problems. This relationship requires understanding traits and managing them correctly to avoid upsetting each other and causing anger. However, what will bring you together is that fear of commitment which is no bad thing. Despite this, when you’re together, there is plenty of magic to keep the relationship sizzling.

Pisces and Capricorn - December 22 to January 19

At first, this can seem like an unusual pairing, but everything works perfectly well. Pisces is the type to fall head over heels while Capricorn brings the relationship in line and on track with structure. Despite this, Capricorn will dominate and control, and Pisces will embrace this, while you’ll both come together with a love of culture and art. With a diverse nature and strengths, you both become a great team who can achieve a lot.

Pisces and Aquarius - January 20 to February 18

Making a combination that might seem interesting, this is a blend of old and new. With a common outlook on life that believes in humanity and passion, you’re a match that’s heading for the stars. Emotion will form part of the relationship thanks to Pisces, although Aquarius can help lift the mood. Both are looking for a relationship that’s bursting with fun and excitement while doing everything to avoid a relationship that leaves them feeling trapped. Aquarius is probably, the most difficult sign to connect for Pisces, yet if you manage that, it will be beautiful.

Pisces and Pisces - February 19 to March 20

You’re both the same, but then again, you’re not. With two fish swimming apart, it suggests that one is seeking security, and the other could be seeking freedom. You’ll both be looking to help and heal each other, although intimacy can become too much, so it’s important to balance and find that perfect level. One problem is the indirectness that you both possess when it comes to problems, and this can lead to anger and problems alike. Despite this, there is good news because it’s definitely possible to work together and become the harmonious couple that you’re both searching for.

Horoscope signs inform and connect, but understanding how Pisces connects with all signs will ensure you’ll discover what’s needed to make everything work perfectly well!

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