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Top dating turn offs

25 Aug 2014

Everyone wants to make a good impression on a date. If you have ever been in the position where you think a date is going really well, only to find out a second date is not on the cards, see our top dating turn offs. Are you guilty of any?

Playing with your phone on a date

There is no reason good enough to be distracted by your phone whilst on a date – your mum, your boss, that hottie on Tinder who is contacting you.. they can all wait an hour till you’re date has finished.

Rude to the wait staff

Ok so your steak came out medium-rare instead of rare. I’m with you here, steak is pretty much the best thing ever and I’d be totally gutted too. But, don’t be an ass about it. Firstly, it’s not the waiters fault so don’t shoot the messenger. If you can’t deal with such a simple situation politely, your date will be sure to think you have bad manners and a mean streak. If you can’t be on your best behaviour and have good manners for a couple of hours on a first date, you probably shouldn’t be dating.

Fussy eaters

Ladies, order a steak for god’s sake (and if it comes out cooked wrong don’t be an ass about it). Nibbling on a salad says ‘I am too worried about what people think of me to relax and do what I want’. Seriously, order a steak.

Slagging off your ex

Why were you talking about exes anyway? Stop that habit immediately. In fact, every time you go to speak about your ex, poke yourself in the eye. You’ll learn, eventually. I do love a good dating story, but not from the person I am on date with, and certainly not about the ‘crazy slag’ he dated last week. If you are bad mouthing her you will probably do the same about me too at some point. No thanks.

Mid-date rating/ask out for a second date

You know what’s weird? When a date asks you how you think the date is going, while the date is still going. It was going well actually, until you asked how it was going, while it was still going. Sigghh. In retrospect, I wish I had giant cards folded in my hand-bag and ‘come dine with me’ style rated them a giant 1 to their face just for asking that ridiculous question. It’s also really awkward to be asked out again on a date while the date is still happening. #AWKWARD.

Happy dating!

Till next time..


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