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Valentine’s Day – for everyone and anyone!

2 Feb 2016
Valentine’s Day: the annual, commercial celebration of love; best known for tacky gifts, cheesy cards and romantic gestures. February 14th is a day of mixed feelings – it can be the worst day of the year for singles, and the best day for smug, loved-up couples. From Valentine’s themed shop displays to anti-Valentine’s parties, this once a year heart fest is nothing if not divisive.

However, whether you’re practically married or newly single, there are loads of ways to have a blast. I’ve put together a few ideas so that you never spend Valentine’s alone, no matter what your relationship status!

We have a tonne of busy Valentine's speed dating events across the country for you lucky single pringles! These are our busiest singles events of the year, so you have more chance of meeting someone you really fancy.

Dynamic duos:
If you’re a brand new couple and this is your first Valentine’s Day together, I’d recommend keeping it simple. Find something quirky and cool (but not over the top – you really don’t need to spend a fortune to impress your partner!) in a nearby city, perhaps something that’s new for you both. Browse Time Out and see what’s going on. For you two, Valentine’s is an excuse to go on a great date and learn something new about each other. Have a laugh, it’s good for the soul :)

If you’ve been in a relationship for a couple of years, try booking a night or two away. A change of scenery is always a great way to refresh your relationship, as it removes the everyday stresses that can get in the way of your spark and allows you to remember how much fun you have together. Groupon and Wowcher are always great places to start to look for an easy, last minute getaway deal!

Anti-Valentine’s BFFs:
Grab your closest friends and be sure to avoid all public places on this loved-up day. Throw a dinner party or host a cocktail night, where it’s all friends, no couples, and absolutely no hearts in sight! It’s just a great reason to get the gang together, and definitely beats sitting alone watching terrible rom-coms on TV.

That’s all for now,
Sophie x
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