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10 Reasons Why Coffee is the Perfect Date

1 Oct 2021
Dates take many different forms, some are completely whacky, and others are rather straightforward. However, there are those dates that keep things rather simple. Having a great date idea might leave you feeling as though you’re going to earn points with your date, but a great idea doesn’t always guarantee success. Men and women go on dates are to learn all details regarding their potential partners in a carefree environment, to flirt and listen to one another, which is why sharing a cup of coffee might make the perfect date option.

The drink itself doesn’t make you a better listener, by the way! It’s just that sitting there with a cup and looking all sophisticated can give you a bit of clout when it comes to impressing your date. Why is it a perfect date idea?

It’s a Cheap Option
You can rinse your bank account of your life savings by taking your date to the swankiest restaurant in town, but that won’t guarantee success when dating. It won’t impress, and while the food might be amazing, the conversation can be interrupted by course after course of food, leaving you feeling frustrated. However, the great thing about coffee is that it often costs nothing more than the loose change you find down the back of your sofa. Even at a posh coffee shop, you won’t spend too much on coffee and cake for you and your date. It’s not a requirement to have an expensive date, to begin with. It’s all about getting to know each other. So, make a smart choice and head to a local, quirky coffee shop for something different. You can chat, soak up the atmosphere and build that relationship the right way!

A Coffee Order Tells You a Lot About Someone
Don’t consider yourself some kind of fortune-teller or a psychic when it comes to what they order, but you can learn more than you realise about individuals based on how they order their coffee. Are they friendly with the barista? Do they respect their role and speak up, or turn away and act high and mighty? Are they quiet when ordering, or do they bellow their order like a foghorn? How they order will be an element of insight into their personality and who they are. Are they the type to start a conversation and get to know the barista, showing you that they’re open and ready to begin chatting? Keep a tab on how they order their coffee, and you’ll be armed with more information than you realise!

It’s Perfect For Having a Conversation
Coffee brings people together, making it the ideal ice breaker! You’re sitting around a single table with nothing more than a coffee between you and your date. There’s nothing more to do than have a conversation with the person you’re sitting opposite. This is what makes coffee the perfect pick for that first date.

We all understand the main goal of the first dates. It’s about learning about the other person and getting away from how you met, such as through an app or online. So, after meeting the individual in the flesh, you can determine for real whether they’re worth booking a second date for. Coffee is quick, but it’s also a great choice for keeping things simple!

You’re Not Drinking Alcohol, So You’re Straight Talking
Too often, dates tend to follow the same old arrangements. This often involves meeting in a restaurant or bar. Either of these options will involve cocktails or wine, both of which cause you to lose your inhibitions. Furthermore, loose lips sink ships which means what you say could cause problems! While alcohol might give you confidence, it turns you into someone else, but coffee won’t do that to you.

With a coffee, you won’t just get that caffeine kick! You’ll also have control which ensures you remain yourself when having conversations. Furthermore, you won’t release your deepest, darkest secrets like you would if you’ve been sipping alcohol which is also a bonus, as you don’t want to watch your date darting for the door at the first opportunity!

You’ve Got An Easy Get-Out Clause
Once you commit to a date at a restaurant or a date watching a band, then you’re invested. You’ve invested in the entire duration of the event, and that can leave you feeling as though you’re ready to scratch your eyeballs out if your date isn’t all you expected! The great thing about coffee is its ability to be consumed quickly. If things are heading in the wrong direction, finish your coffee and use an excuse such as “sorry, I’ve got to get home to take a work call”. If things are going well, you can order another coffee, but you’re not tied to the table, which is always useful when meeting someone for the first time!

Coffee is Good For Your Health
Another excuse for grabbing a coffee with your date is that it’s actually a healthy beverage. It comes with lots of benefits such as boosting your mood, helping to clean your liver and leaving you feeling mentally alert. The latter is always good when keeping on your toes with a new date. When you are dating and drinking a beverage that benefits your health, you’re getting something from the date, even if the person you’re with doesn’t tick every box!

Coffee is Casual
Coffee isn’t pretentious or lavish; it’s very simple and understated. Sure, you can add cream to your coffee, add some syrups or request some exotic kind of milk, but ultimately, it doesn’t get any more casual than coffee. You’re almost grabbing a coffee and plonking it down on a table which is about as normal as things can get! You then sink into your seat, get comfortable and begin chatting to your date. There are no bells and whistles here; all you’ll experience is good coffee and, hopefully, great conversation! It’s potentially one of the easiest date options because you don’t have to think about anything other than chatting with your date!

You’ll See Lots of Random People
Coffee shops are random places where all kinds of people go. Whether you’re people-watching or not, you can begin to use those people in the coffee shop as inspiration when the conversation begins to fizzle out. “Look what that guy is wearing over there” or “ I love the book that the lady next to you is reading”, these kinds of things can lead you to better conversations and new areas to explore with your date. It’s the reason why coffee makes for the ideal choice when dating.

Coffee is Flexible
Book a restaurant, and you’re tied to a time and a place. Turn up late, and your date won’t be impressed. Cancel, and you’ll never see them again. Coffee is different. It fits around your schedule even if you’re running late because, for some reason, it’s a more laid back option that gives you that element of freedom. Arrange to meet at a time in a certain coffee shop, and you’re running late, that won’t be a problem. Find yourself in another part of town and need to make a quick change? No issue, just change the coffee shop. You can arrange to meet and have a coffee at any time. Grab a mid-morning pick-me-up or round off that touch day at work with a coffee; it’s just so simple!

You Get to See What Coffee They Like!
Coffee preferences can say a lot about someone. Grab a basic Americano, and you might consider that individual to be relatively simple and possibly lacking adventure. Throw a latte into the mix or a cappuccino, and you can consider them to be some kind of coffee connoisseur who likes to explore new things. If they’re ordering the latest invention, which includes syrups and marshmallows as well as any other ingredients, then it’s fair to assume they have a wild side and expecting a good time!

Coffee is immensely popular, and while it’s a laid back choice, it actually makes for the ideal date. There are no expectations or lavish decor to detract from what’s really going on. It’s the bare bones of date, but that’s always a good thing. With everything stripped away, you have the scope to focus on what’s in front of you!

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