Advice for London singles: How to tell if someone is flirting with you!
27 Apr 2018

Advice for London singles: How to tell if someone is flirting with you!

Being single and meeting new people in London can be tough at times. People lead hectic work and social lives so when it comes down to meeting romantic partners we often don’t have the time to spend sifting through potential candidates! If you’re time-poor and need to know if someone is interested romantically or you’re in the friend zone here are some tips to help you decide if they are flirting with you.

1. Eye contact

It is often said that the eyes are the gateway to a person’s soul and what better way to develop a connection than locking eyes with a love interest. Direct or constant eye contact while talking to you is often an indication that someone is interested or they may be so intent on showing interest that they can’t take their eyes off you.

2. Close is close enough

You don’t necessarily need to be talking to someone to know they are interested in you. They will often position themselves so they’re closer to you within a room. And, if they’re talking to you, they will inch closer and closer to get your attention.

3. Touchy feely!

While not all physical touches such as a hand shake are a sign of flirtatious behaviour it is good to know which ones are. A person that is flirting will often try to touch you. They might lightly touch your arm while you laugh at their jokes or brush your hair away from your eyes.

4. Common ground

Finding shared interests is an excellent way to bond with someone. It’s like you revealing that you like Japanese manga or retro arcade games from the 80’s is the best thing they have ever heard and they’ll say they like the same stuff too – whether that’s true or not…

5. They ley you know they're single

It may seem obvious but dropping into conversation that a person is single is one sure fire way to show the other person that indeed they are single and ready to mingle! It may be something as obvious as discussing an ex to show they are single or they may friend request you on social media so they can see your status as single.

6. Compliments you

If a person is interested in you they will find something you’re doing or wearing to compliment you about. If a man or woman is interested they will have their eyes on everything about you and will make certain to use something to indicate they’ve noticed it. This is a clear sign of flirting.

7. Attention is only you

You may be in a busy bar, restaurant or party but your potential love match’s undivided attention is on you and only you. Despite that hot bar man or pretty woman managing the bar their gaze is fixed firmly on you rather than scanning the room or turning away for any reason, they’re interested.

8. They light up when they see you

Whether you’ve met before or not, if a man or woman lights up when you walk in the room, it’s hard not to notice. They may keep their eye on you as you walk across the room, or be more direct and give you a wink, a smile, or a wave. In any case, you can tell by a person’s face they’re excited to see you. Facial expressions tell a lot.

9. They ditch their friends

A person may turn up to a gathering with a group of friends but if they increasingly spend their time finding excuses to spend time one on one with you this is a sign of seizing the moment to spend their night flirting with you rather than propping up the bar with their squad.

10. Compare their behaviour to others

If you’re in a room full of people one of the best ways to monitor if someone is interested in you is to look at how they interact with others. This may be by non-verbal behaviours such as eye contact or how engaged in the conversation they are.

Now you’ve been schooled in the art of how to detect flirtatious behaviour there is nothing to stop you attending one of our many events each month to test your flirting detecting skills.

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