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25 Feb 2020

How to Flirt With a Guy | Speeddater.co.uk


Flirting is often very difficult to do, especially if you’re not confident in what it is and how to flirt ‘properly’ and if you’re in public, you almost want to avoid it. But don’t fret, if you’re a flirty type of person, it will come naturally. However, for people that are a little less confident in this aspect of relationships, this article may be a huge help, as you will be able to understand how to flirt and the types of flirting. Flirting simply means to act playfully with someone where there are no serious intentions. The person you’re flirting with is usually someone you feel comfortable with and are sexually attracted to. Flirting is just an extra way to show how you feel towards someone. Let’s just hope the feeling is reciprocated… so make sure when you are flirting that it's not just with a random stranger or the person serving you coffee every morning, they may find this a little weird… This article will provide the ins and outs of flirting and specifically how girls can confidently flirt with guys at any point.

How to Flirt with a Guy

You either know how to flirt with a guy or you don’t, but when it comes to guys, there are some tips you need to know before starting to flirt, especially if you’re not very confident in this area. First of all, there is not one specific on how to flirt with a man but you should understand how they flirt and what they’re thinking. All guys have their preferences but every single guy enjoys making women feel special and using their charm, excited to flirt. However, they need signs so they know when to flirt back. Below are some tips that we believe could show you how to flirt with a guy you like but also if you are unsure how to flirt, then this guide is for you, this article will show you how to subtly flirt with a guy in a physical sense if you’re more confident in this way. Then there is verbal flirting, mentally preparing yourself to flirt, and flirting via text. All of these aspects, whether you’re confident in a certain area will help you to become amazing at flirting and show your guy that you’re into him!

Physical flirting

Smiling is the first step in showing someone that you’re into them in a physical way, especially if you’re wanting to flirt with them, smiling emphasizes this completely. Smiling on a date will also show the guy that you’re having a great time and that you’re approachable. You have to also make sure that the guy is smiling too so you can tell whether he is also in the flirting mood/think it is going well. If he is, smiling along to enhance this flirtation cue. If he’s not, don’t worry, he may just be a little nervous. So smile away anyway and show your pearly whites to show that you’re having a great time and feeling flirty around him, this may just encourage him to be the same. There are many different kinds of flirty smiles that you could try to show that you’re interested in the guy you’re with; a small little smirk, one side of your lip raising just a bit, the closed mouth, raised eyebrow smile or if you’re feeling that extra bit cheeky and confident, then you could even bite your lip whilst smiling to really start the flirting off with fireworks.
Body languageUsing your body language to flirt is probably the most common way of showing interest non verbally and also to express you are flirting with a guy. As soon as you’re relaxed and comfortable, he’ll feel the same, this will make it that much easier to flirt and aid the flow of conversation. This is an especially good way of flirting if you are a little less confident to do so verbally which most people will be if they’re not naturally flirty. So… use your body to do the talking for you! Certain body movements can definitely tell a guy that you’re flirting. These are often more exaggerated - for you women, firstly start to twirl your hair. This is effectively a great way of flirting as it not only shows that you have an innocent side, which guys like but also it feels amazing and if you’re feeling good, it will make it a lot easier to flirt. Showing off your favourite feature is also a great way to flirt with the guy, this will make you come across confident, so if you’re sitting, sit straight which will emphasise your upper body. Crossing your legs too will also show that you’re relaxed. Tilt your hips to the side, if you’re standing, this will emphasise your back curve, but don’t forget to tilt your head to expose your neck. Necks are a very attractive feature to a lot of men, so flaunt it! If you’d like to know how men use their bodies to flirt then you need to look out for these signs; standing tall with his chest out, this usually looks more powerful and dominant. Most men will only do this if they are attracted to you, so look out for this! He may also raise his eyebrows, this is proven to show that he likes you, making the eyes look brighter and more inviting. The guy may also touch up his hair to make it look more flattering and to show it off...he wouldn’t be showing it off, if he didn't’ want to flirt with you!

Be warm and approachable

Firstly, guys will be so much more comfortable flirting back if you are relaxed and come across like you are a kind and caring person. Being approachable is a very attractive quality to have if you’re a man or a woman, everyone feels more comfortable when they’re with someone they feel is an approachable person, it makes conversation flow better and will definitely help to start a particular flirty moment. So relax into it, making sure you are in an area that you feel comfortable in, somewhere you know, this will help you to feel relaxed and therefore coming across more approachable to the guy you’re on a date with. Who knows, if you have got this part down to a T, the flirting may just come naturally, depending where the guy is at, but don’t worry if it doesn't - there are still a few steps on how to flirt with a guy to become a pro flirter!

Verbal Flirting

A lot of the time, the best way to flirt with a guy and show him that you’re flirting is through conversation. There are many different phrases that you can say to come across in a flirty manner and show that you’re attracted to the guy, but also for you to notice in case he says these things to you. This can often be seen as sarcastic so it really depends on how you’re feeling and the vibe of the night. The questions you can ask to show you’re interested and flirty (some of these are a little cringe so you don’t have to use them if you don’t want to but they’re here just as a guideline!) Here are some examples of flirting if you want to do so verbally.


Have you been working out?!

Guys absolutely love when women comment on their physical appearance… especially if they have in fact been working out. You noticing that will make you even more attractive and develop confidence in him to be more comfortable with you, but don’t boost his ego too much otherwise he could get arrogant! If they’re younger, this will definitely make them feel on top of the world, so just be careful!


Did you know that you make me smile?

Guys like to know if they are making you happy, even though they’re often not great at asking, sometimes it is best for you to drop this question so they know how happy they make you.


How can someone like YOU be single?

This question will make your guy blush, for definite. He will be shocked but also content in knowing that you find him attractive both inside and out. This will also make him feel very comfortable because he will get the cue that you’re into him and feeling flirty. If these questions are a little much for you and you don’t feel confident in asking them, then just do what feels right for you at that moment. You may not prefer to flirt verbally at first, which is understandable, especially if you’re not a pro flirter, but we hope that this guide has helped you a little. But… if you would prefer not to ask questions, you could always compliment the guy. This will always show him that you’re interested and if he’s decided to wear his best shirt, it's because he wants you to notice, and if you do, well there you go, the flirty compliments have begun! Also if you compliment your guy in the right way, he may never forget it or walk away from the date feeling amazing and thinking about you, what more could you want?! So say things like:


You’re a real gentleman

Men love to be complimented on their manhood and being a gentleman if definitely something to be appreciated. This compliment will make your guy feel even more gentleman-like and he will most likely go out of his way to perform more courteous actions around you. SO go on, casually drop this line into the conversation, see what happens!


You’re so talented.

Men love to impress women whether it’s showing them how good they are at playing the guitar, dancing or cooking etc. If he’s being noticed for this, he will continue to do more things to demonstrate his talent. And of course, we have to put one in there about the way he looks…


You’re so handsome!

Men love to be complimented on the way they look (and so do women) but if this is the first date and your guy has dressed well and taken a lot of time on his appearance before then to be noticed for this will make him incredibly happy and hopefully fall for you even harder, if he hasn’t already! So don’t forget to use these phrases when flirting with your guy, he’d love them and i’m sure that you will also be complimented back. Sometimes men just need a cue so they can ask these sorts of questions, so verbally flirt away girls!


When did you get so cute?

This is a fun flirty line as it is playful but also a subtle way of giving a compliment through a question. You keep the conversation flowing and deliver a compliment at the same time. Double whammy!


Mentally and physically preparing yourself before the date

Sometimes it really helps to have a relaxed and self loving day before you go on your date just like you would if you were going to a party so that you feel comfortable and free of stress when you get there. Honestly this will make it 100% easier to flirt and if you’re comfortable, the guy will also feel the same. SO first step to a relaxed pre date day:


Play music that makes you feel good

Play your favourite tune really loud to get you in a happy place and hopefully prancing around your room all excited! Get your energy levels high and don’t care about what the people you live with think… go mad!


Have a bath and get a facemask on!

Baths are one of the most relaxing things to do, especially if you’ve had a stressful day, you’ll also feel cleansed and absolutely STRESS free if you’ve had a bath before your date. So, fill up the tub and put in your favourite bath bomb and unwind. A face mask will also make you feel so relaxed, and make your face feel refreshed and smooth, so don’t forget this step!


Brush your teeth

This seems obvious, but it's amazing how attractive you feel when you’ve got fresh breath! It will also be very attractive to the guy you’re on a date with, especially when you show your pearly whites and they’re all freshly brushed!


Be the person you’d want to date

Bring your best self to the dating zone. Make sure you are in a good mood. You may need to listen to your favourite song or remind yourself of fun memories where you were having lots of fun and being yourself.


Flirting via text/social media

Texting and social media is such a huge part of day to day lives for most people and has become one of the most popular ways of communicating with people. These platforms can also be used to show your flirty side, especially if the guy also likes to flirt over text. However, flirty texting is sometimes a little dangerous. If you are intending or feel confident enough to show your flirting skills on these platforms, you need to make sure that you are comfortable with the guy and have at least established that you are both into flirting over text. There are many things that you can say over text (obviously if the number exchange has happened, and if it hasn’t you’ll just have to wait for that moment, and hold off on the flirting over text for now) but if you’re lucky and you do have his digits, don’t overthink it, you can’t take a text back, you may be thinking ‘oh god is this cheesy?’ ‘will it come off as too clingy or over the top?’. If you’re thinking these things, maybe your relationship with that guy isn’t at the level of flirting over text. This is definitely not how to flirt with a guy you don’t know. Remember you need to establish what you’re both comfortable with before just diving in at the deep end, you or the guy don’t want to do anything risky that may ruin it! Things to say over text:


Everything makes me think about you.

This is subtle and even though it is flirty, it's not stepping over boundaries, and I’m sure your guy will text back with a huge grin on his face.


Our last date was so much fun, I can’t remember the last time I had that much fun.

This will remind the guy of how good the date was (hopefully he also thinks that it was as much fun as you did). Guys like to be reminded about a time that was fun, especially if you’re involved. If you want your guy to remember your date and think about it a lot then drop this one liner in a text message, go on, don’t be scared...DO IT!


I wish you were here with me right now.

Men love to know that they’re missed, and this cheeky little text will make it even easier for them to now be thinking about you and missing you. Hopefully he will respond with something like ‘i wish i was too, let's plan to see eachother again soon?’ This is also classed as playful teasing flirting with a guy, and can almost come across sexually or dirty if you’re in that sort of mood...Use this line if you feel confident to tease your guy. Always text with confidence and make the guys aware that you’re missing them (obviously don’t overdo it). Also sometimes be bold and a little distance when you’re not with them as this is often a very attractive quality for a man, so if you’re not flirting, distance yourself and get on with your life, but don’t forget to send those little flirting texts in there every so often so he can miss you. Some extra tips for flirting and dating as a girl


Don’t be so quick to judge.

Often we can make instant assumptions about a person just from how they look. You may decide within seconds,’’I don’t fancy him’’ Please try not to do this and give the person a chance. You might be surprised. Some people are slow brewers. Sometimes you may not be attracted to someone straight away but once you peel back their layers you find they have a cool personality that suddenly they become more attractive!


Don't be afraid to fail.

Sometimes we might say the wrong thing while flirting. We may crack an awfully lame innuendo joke. But it is okay to screw up. Laugh at yourself! This will relax your partner and make them realise you don't take yourself too seriously. This may also encourage Have fun Flirting is possibly one of the funnest things you can do so have fun, keep it light hearted, be playful. Crack jokes and have a laugh. It is a bit like a game. You can experiment with different tactics and to see what works. Don’t take it too seriously. Your partner who you will eventually end up with is supposed to take your worries away so start on the right foot and keep the mood positive!



How do you feel about flirting now? Has this taught you how to flirt successfully with a guy? If so, that is amazing and don’t forget to always follow the cues and know what your guy likes before you begin the flirty body movements, questions and compliments! Always be confident when you flirt, and don’t overthink anything, this will make things 100% more difficult. Relax and follow the flow of the date always! Don’t forget to destress before the date. We hope that this article has helped you to be a pro flirter, so go for it, grab a date and practice your new flirting skills!


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