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How to have fun being single on Halloween

3 Oct 2019
Just because you’re single this Halloween, doesn’t mean you need to curl up on the sofa on your own with a scary movie and popcorn. Luckily we’re here to help you meet your perfect person, and new friends. You don’t have to go alone either, round up your squad (#SquadGhouls) and make a night out it. Getting out in a crowd of people you don’t know can definitely be nerve-racking, especially when you’re single! We have loads of activities to break the ice at our two Halloween parties/socials, one in Ox184 in Edinburgh and the other in Draft House, London, making awkwardness a thing of the past.

Although, it’s not essential - it’s always fun to dress up on Halloween. And you don’t need to hide your face with a mask or trowel on the facepaint to put a good costume together. Here’s our suggestions for some outfits if you do want to dress up:

A goth: it’s just black clothes and dark make-up. Easy. A zombie: just add fake blood. No face-paint necessary. Frankenstein: boots and a suit. A witch: glam or scary, it’s your call. (but maybe leave the black cat at home)

If you decide that you don’t really want to dress up this halloween, just wear black, or orange if you’re feeling bold. Remember to try and show your personality through what you’re wearing because what we wear says a lot about who we are.

At SpeedDater, we don’t just do speed dating. We run singles parties and socials across the UK, and our Halloween events are one you need to get in your diary. Remember, at our Halloween events, the best dressed will win a prize.

In London this Halloween? We have a spooktacular party on the 26th October at the Draft House, Chancery Lane. We’re expecting to creep it real, witches!

In Edinburgh’s Old Town, the creepiest part of Scotland (in our opinion), we have a social night going on at the fangtastic Ox184 on 31st October. Join us to meet like minded singles with a fun new icebreaker, beer pong with eye-balls (disclaimer: not real ones), and maybe even a group game of Cards Against Humanity. They even do late night burgers, so you can eat, drink AND be scary. Win.


You wouldn’t want to miss out, so start preparing your most spooky costume and join us for either of our horrifying Halloween single parties!

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