How to Turn Your Online Matches Into the Perfect First Date
12 May 2021

How to Turn Your Online Matches Into the Perfect First Date

Meeting hot singles with online dating sites is the easiest step to finding true love. Following the match, you then have to actually meet in person! Unfortunately, many struggle when making the transition from online to face-to-face, but after you read on, you definitely won't be one of them! After matching with perfect singles online, simply chat and get comfortable enough to ask them out and actually go on a perfect date. Don't worry; it's certainly not as hard as it sounds!

So, You've Met Your Match Online, Now What?


Find Easy Ways to Talk to Your Match Online Before the Date!

Closely following the matching process with singles online, many people get stuck trying to move onto the next stage: conversation! With these various tips and tricks to getting to know your partner, you're definitely bound to score a date!

Everyone has different interests and dislikes, and learning about your partner's likes can be especially tricky and can quickly make the conversation instantly awkward and robotic. However, when the conversation flows, you will soon have a pretty great impression of who they are. Here are some perfect and uncomplicated ways to help learn about your online match:

  • Talk about various hobbies or interests, and then ask for their opinion and feelings towards it. If they also like that activity, talk about that a little. If not, ask what they prefer instead.
  • Ask about their family. Siblings and family are an extremely important part of most people's lives, so asking is the perfect way to show your true interest.

Unfortunately, not only do you need to learn about your partner, but previous to that, you need to actually start the conversation. The hardest part of online dating is striking up a conversation with your match, there are various ways to chat, but your best bet is always to be yourself. Here are a few conversation starters and tips to help you get started:

  • "Hey, I'm new to the online speed dating scene. How about you?"- This is a perfect way to show you definitely don't play around, and they're literally one of your first encounters, which obviously makes them special!
  • "Hey, What do you do in your spare time?"- asking questions always shows you're actually interested in them. Closely after this, give some information of your own to initiate more conversation!
  • "Hi, how are you doing?" - this is short, simple, and to the point. It's easily the perfect way to start a conversation without jumping into anything too soon.
  • A good thing to always remember is although you matched, you may not actually be suited. Avoid over-invested or seem too eager when initially starting a conversation.

Once you have spoken for a while and decided you definitely want to date in person, it's time for the next step, asking them out! It can seem like a daunting and complex leap, but there are a few easy ways to ask someone on a date:

  • Suggest an activity you both enjoy, draw from the previous conversation about interests.
  • Ask when they're free and plan together. It shows you're actually interested in doing what they want.
  • Keep it low-key for the first date, not too overwhelming or big.

Read on to discover more about your first date with your online match!

Struggling to Find First Date Ideas for You and Your Match?

After speaking online for a while, the moment you feel comfortable with your feelings towards your partner, it's time to suggest a first date together. There are various important factors to consider when moving things from the screen to in person, such as asking them about a date, actually planning the date, and also getting ready to meet them. Although you may feel overwhelmed with the complicated work that goes into dating, it's simpler than you think; closely follow these guides to become a master dater!

Every day countless singles make a move in their relationship from the screen to the restaurant, and it's easily done when you know how to. Asking someone on a first date is certainly intimidating, especially when you want it perfect. Timing is everything when it comes to asking your partner out! You might ask yourself how you know it's the perfect time to meet in person; the answer is extremely simple with three small tests for yourself!

1) Do you like the person for them and not the idea of finding love?
2) Are you confident you will both definitely have a good time?
3) Do you have a good idea of their likes and dislikes so you can easily suggest various dates they would enjoy?

If the answer is yes to all, it's time to ask them out!

When asking someone out, it's always good to have various nonspecific ideas before mentioning anything to them. Ideas like a local restaurant, a quiet evening stroll, or the cinema are good to have in mind before planning a date. This is a good idea as you can easily incorporate what they like into it. For example, if they're a vegetarian, you can discover a local vegetarian restaurant to impress them with you being attentive to the details. Alternatively, if they love a great steak, you can find a restaurant that serves amazing steak. An evening stroll is definitely a nice addition to the end of the date as it's relaxing and intimate without being extraordinary. Walking together allows alone time without distractions.

Another great idea for a first date is to choose somewhere more active and exciting. Mini golf and bowling are fantastic activities for a first date as they're low-key and not overly serious. First dates are always about seeing if you actually work well together, and you can't do that when you're tense.

You now know when to actually ask your partner on a date and some good ideas; the rest is up to you!

The Big Date Is Here! Do You Need Advice on How to Prepare?

Whether you are a man or a woman, you obviously need to get ready for the perfect date! Don't worry if you're unsure about how to correctly prepare for meeting them face to face, simply follow this advice!

How She Should Prepare For a First Date

Wherever your date is, you certainly need to be properly ready for anything. Whether it's a nice meal in a fancy restaurant or rock climbing at the gym, there are always extremely simple ways to be prepared for meeting your partner in person. Closely follow this advice, and you will be ready for anything!

  • Pick out and try on your outfit beforehand! There is nothing worse than getting dressed for your date and discovering you sadly don't have anything to wear, or worse, the outfit you had in mind, unfortunately, doesn't work. This is the most important thing to remember when getting ready for a date!
  • Body care! Not all women shave legs religiously; some never do. If you don't keep it natural, simply hop in the shower, whip out your razor and get yourself smooth to impress! Clean, tidy, and smelling nice is always great for a first date!
  • No matter how well you might know your date, prepare for the worst. Always have a friend know exactly where you are, bring spare money, and have your phone charged. On the off chance, it's a bad date; you will certainly be ready for the taxi ride home.

How He Should Prepare For a First Date

Many people believe only ladies should prepare for first dates. Fortunately, those people are extremely wrong. There's absolutely nothing bad with a man being ready and confident for a date. There are various key tips men can easily do to be ready for their partner; the following advice is bound to help!

  • Appropriate clothes! Much like women, it's always best to choose your outfit in advance. Pick the clothing that actually suits where you're going. You don't want to turn up to a fancy restaurant in jeans and a tee; similarly, you obviously wouldn't turn up for a hike in a suit. Always tailor the outfit to the activity!
  • Tame the Mane! Whether you always have a clean-shaven face or a mighty beard, take great pride in your appearance. If you regularly shave, then make sure it's perfect. Similarly, if you have facial hair, keep it extremely clean, tidy, and well managed. You can't feel your best if you don't look it!
  • Know the plan! If you planned the date alone or together, knowing what will happen is certainly a great way to prepare. Fear of the unknown and having surprises can wait until future dates; start safe and easy by constantly knowing what to expect! When you're both informed, you can prepare for anything!

Here are a couple of ways everyone should prepare for the first date:

  • Ice breakers! Unfortunately, on first dates, striking up a conversation can be hard, and you might feel extremely uncomfortable. If this happens, it's always handy to have a few conversation starters, ice breakers, or various questions ready to get them chatting again. Questions like where they grew up or about siblings are always bound to get the conversation flowing!
  • Most importantly, BE YOURSELF! You're searching for a perfect partner. They, unfortunately, might not be perfect for you. The best person you can be is obviously yourself!
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